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Maxwell Makes Me Wanna Sweat

Not for a long time have I been so moved by someone’s music but the new Maxwell album takes me back to my younger hopeless romantic days when I’d lay in the bed in the dark listening to a track on repeat thinking about the man in my life. Then there were the times when [...]

He was Addicted to Sex, But Not How You Think

He sat across from me on our first date and made a shocking confession. “I am addicted to sex.” For some reason, I didn’t react. I wasn’t disgusted. In fact I believe I even smirked. “Really?” I never had someone tell me they were a sex addict. Not sure that a first date was the [...]

Pineapple Juice

  When preparing for a first date with a lady they want to get up in, (some) men do very few things to make sure they are straight just in case they make it to home base: – Pineapple Juice: Believe it or not, I’ve known dudes to drink pineapple juice in order to make [...]


There is only one thing that I know can make a woman cut her hair, lose or gain crazy weight or insist folks call her by a new name she picked from a fortune cookie wrapper – dick. I’m not talking regular d.i.. I’m talking the equivalent of California kush or hydro kinda magic stick. [...]

P*ssy Control

There is so much women can do to make sex more enjoyable for all involved. We’re not talking different positions. Think smaller. Yes. Your vagina, itself. When used correctly, the love canal can squeeze, expand and moisturize itself with some direction from yourself. It’s not easy and takes some practice. To keep it tight… Do [...]