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How to Handle a Jump Off (VIDEO)

I know I said I’m retiring the term “Jump Off” and I don’t even like Seinfeld but I must give respect where it’s due. In the scene below, Jerry and Elaine stumble across some porn and that leads to a very open yet adult conversation about them having no strings attached sex… Some of out [...]

I’m Not a Lesbian, But My Next Lover May Be

I never gave dating a woman much thought. I have imagined what sex with a woman would be like as opposed to my pounding, sweat drops hitting me in my eye, grunting, bed breaking sexcapades with men. For some reason I assume sex with a woman would be softer, longer, more intense cause unlike men, [...]

The Story of Jesus Whore

Dear Reader – This marks the debut of a recurring tale about a young woman (late 20s) whose fight with good and evil results in her praying to God for a man, sleeping around, repenting for her sins and starting all over again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ladies and gentlemen, this is the story of Jesus Whore. She [...]

Single Sex vs Couple Sex

  I love my male friends. What I love even more is the fact they know they can talk to me about anything when it comes to relationships and sex and I not freak out, hit them over the head with my “Women’s Morals and Virtue Bible” or hang up the phone when they call [...]