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Telling a Man You are Taken Means Nothing to Him

Every woman gets badgered at least once a week by a guy, who under different circumstances may be nice, but can’t take a hint. There once was a time (probably back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) when a man would approach a woman and she could politely decline. No harm, no foul. Both parties would [...]

Why Don’t Men Take Birth Control?

It’s safe to say that women hold the burden of responsibility when it comes to preventing pregnancy during intercourse. Condoms are fair ground. Both parties should have a stash readily available. However, most dudes will automatically assume that the woman is on birth control. What’s even sadder is that he doesn’t bring this up to [...]

Men, Women only want you for your potential

Forget love. People have convinced themselves that love is the moving factor when it come to relationships. Not true, especially in the case of women searching for a man. Fellas, if you haven’t realized by now please take note: Sure, women may be attracted to who and what you are presently but they are really thinking [...]

Women do not like Weak Men (Period, end of story!)

Fellas, if you have used this argument: “I’m a good dude; problem is chicks don’t want a good man.” Chances are you have convinced yourself that GOOD is a nice way of saying what you really are-WEAK. Now, not all good men are weak but a majority of them are and they think that is [...]

Are you Trying to Kill Me?

One early morning, a couple weeks ago, I was awaken by a frantic phone call from a girlfriend. “SG, this dude is trying to kill me?” “Huh?” I jumped out of my stupor. “Call the police!” “No, not like bang, bang kill me. His ass is a slipper.” She’d been seeing this guy for a [...]