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Married People Shouldn’t Give Dating Advice

People who are married kill me when they try to give dating advice. . It’s like graduating high school ten years ago and coming back to your alma mater to tell the kids what it was like when you roamed those halls. All the teachers you had either died or retired. They renovated the classrooms. [...]

Baby, It’s Time To Get New Furniture

Don’t ask me why but I always find myself in situations where most people would flip out. I’m at a friend’s house on the couch, enjoying their cable when it became clear to me that their roommate was getting it “IN” in the other room. Being the person that I am, I simply turned up [...]

I’d Cheat On My Husband

No marriage is perfect yet whenever we hear of infidelity we automatically assume that it is the man that is stepping out. It’s almost as if it’s acceptable. . “Oh, he cheated. That dog. Please pass the salt.” . But let it be a woman who cheats on her husband and she becomes lower than [...]

Don’t Marry For Love, Marry For Money

If people marry for love and 50% of them end up divorced perhaps we should start marrying for other reasons. I, for one, am leaning very close to marrying for money. I recall a cool dude who told me that he wouldn’t mind if a woman was interested in him for his money and all [...]

You’re Single Until You’re Married

Folks ask me all the time, “SG what are you going to do when you start dating someone. Will you still be ‘says the single girl’”? My response: “Yes!” “But you won’t be single” they say. “Yes the hell I will be. You are single until you are married.” Very few people understand what I [...]