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Recession Love: It’s Your First Christmas Together, Should You Buy a Gift?

I don’t know about you but this holiday season is kicking my ass. There’s two weeks left until X-mas and I haven’t bought a single present. Hell, I’m not even partaking in my office’s Secret Santa. What I look like spending $30 on a co-worker I don’t really care for. Every time I hear a [...]

Are You Settling for a Black Man?

“I wonder if I should lower my standards and date a black man.” No, this isn’t me playing devil’s advocate. This is a direct quote from a friend. She is beautiful, hella smart, body banging like a benzie and you guessed right…she’s single. Her case is like most – she is single because she chooses [...]

Don’t Marry For Love, Marry For Money

If people marry for love and 50% of them end up divorced perhaps we should start marrying for other reasons. I, for one, am leaning very close to marrying for money. I recall a cool dude who told me that he wouldn’t mind if a woman was interested in him for his money and all [...]

I’m Not a Lesbian, But My Next Lover May Be

I never gave dating a woman much thought. I have imagined what sex with a woman would be like as opposed to my pounding, sweat drops hitting me in my eye, grunting, bed breaking sexcapades with men. For some reason I assume sex with a woman would be softer, longer, more intense cause unlike men, [...]

Men, Women only want you for your potential

Forget love. People have convinced themselves that love is the moving factor when it come to relationships. Not true, especially in the case of women searching for a man. Fellas, if you haven’t realized by now please take note: Sure, women may be attracted to who and what you are presently but they are really thinking [...]