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The 5 Steps to Marriage

During a very heated debate with Manny, we found ourselves trying to our damnedest to pin down the order in which people meet, date and marry. After a couple drinks, some animated arguments, agreeing to disagree, here is what we came up with: Step #1 – Dating You’ve announced yourself as being in the market [...]

“My Boyfriend” vs “My Man”

Women who get hit on are often forced to answer the question: “Are you single?” To which you answer, whether its true or not: “No, I have a boyfriend.” Well, recently I gave that answer to a clearly older man whose comeback kinda left me stumped. “That’s a problem. You got a boyfriend. What you [...]

Do You Share Your Toys?

Early on in most women’s sex life, they think the act of sex is limited to kissing, foreplay (oral but only she receives), missionary and doggy style. But after a couple years of playing the good girl and realizing that your needs aren’t being met because: -         He’s doing what he wants -         You don’t [...]

Married People Shouldn’t Give Dating Advice

People who are married kill me when they try to give dating advice. . It’s like graduating high school ten years ago and coming back to your alma mater to tell the kids what it was like when you roamed those halls. All the teachers you had either died or retired. They renovated the classrooms. [...]

Are You Settling for a Black Man?

“I wonder if I should lower my standards and date a black man.” No, this isn’t me playing devil’s advocate. This is a direct quote from a friend. She is beautiful, hella smart, body banging like a benzie and you guessed right…she’s single. Her case is like most – she is single because she chooses [...]