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Recession Love: Let’s Shack Up

I always considered moving in with someone to be monumental. For starters I don’t really see myself living with a boo before marriage, possibly during an engagement but no sooner than that. Sure, couples move in together all the time; many of them with no intentions on getting wed. Still, I can’t downplay shacking up [...]

I’m Addicted to Wedding Shows

                                               I have an obsession. It’s not intervention worthy, but an issue of concern nonetheless. Bridezillas. Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Say Yes to the Dress. Platinum Weddings. Rich Bride, Poor Bride. Do [...]

The Woes of Living Alone

  The sweetest time in adulthood is when you live alone. You’re out of the parents house and can afford not to have roomates. It will be a while before you even let the thought of moving in with a gf/bf or getting hitched enter your mind. For the time being, you enjoy waking up [...]