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I’m No Longer Young and Tender

       There was a time when me and my girls would hit the club with the goal of dancing and meeting cute boys to buy our drinks. We’d prance in 3-inch heels that didn’t hurt, tight jeans that fit like a second skin and shirts that made our boobs sit up and salute. [...]

Why You So Jealous!?!?!?

I suffer from the green eyed monster. I will not deny it and any person who does is lying through their teeth. There is job envy (“How the hell she land that job, I am so much smarter than her”), car envy (“Heated seats, damn, I want that.”), body envy (‘That bitch’s body is banging, [...]

Womb For Sale

I’m getting older and my mother wants grandbabies. Ladies, if you thought that was pressure, imagine the added weight of your FATHER hitting you up for grand kids! I almost crashed the car when he made this declaration as we drove to the grocery store. Pops: I want to introduce you to Mike. SG: Who [...]

No Book will Help You Get a Man

Steve Harvey appeared on Queen Mother‘s show yesterday. Just the ads that promoted the show gave millions of single women goose bumps. By the end of the and into the wee hours of the morning, every other Facebook status and Tweet was speaking about the show. Let’s be real, most of Oprah’s viewers have no [...]

Give The Nice Guy a Shot

“Women need to give the nice guy a chance. Only Black women try and tame the bad boy. White women marry lames all the time for security. They fuck bad boys in college and that’s it.” – Manny, my man friend I’ve never been the one to seek the bad guy, the kind to come [...]