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My Mother is Ready For Grandkids (Help Me & My Uterus!)

Lately, my mother has been feeling deprived. My new hectic schedule is causing me to see/talk to her less, which is why I get phone calls like this: SG: Hey Mom. Mom: Hey, you know I’ve been thinking. Next time you go food shopping get some kale. I know you aren’t eating right. — SG: [...]

My First Found Me On Facebook

I had spent the whole day in bed…working. Manny had come by to use my printer and the BFF was making a pre-date pit stop.  Manny was telling me about his latest conquest. Naturally, I logged onto Facebook to check her out. That’s when I got a chat alert from…my first. His face popped up [...]

The Birth Control Blues

Over the holidays I hosted a get together at my house. It was a great mix of friends and family. As I hopped from room to room, checking on my guests and their needs, I overheard some starling words: “When SG was on birth control, she lost a lot of weight.” Imagine my shock and [...]

The Wedding Invitation

“SG, when the fuck did inviting the ex to the wedding become the move??!!” Manny has a problem. He’s a great guy, so great in fact that most of his exes still consider him to be a friend. One has just mailed him an invite to her wedding. He’s not happy about it. “No idea,” [...]

Ten Songs for the Jealousy In You (VIDEO)

At some point in our lives we all fall victim to the Green Eyed Monster . One day you’ll find yourself  throwing shade (rainbow term) at someone we wished we had, use to have or will never have and the person they choose over you. If you are the person in the relationship being hated [...]