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Now That You’re Married, Want To Date Me?

  A couple months ago, I got a new phone. Good bye team blackberry, hello android. The only thing that sucked about ditching my blackberry was losing BBM. You know, the easy way to talk to people you don’t really want to talk to. After a week, I realized that without BBM I had to actually [...]

My First Found Me On Facebook

I had spent the whole day in bed…working. Manny had come by to use my printer and the BFF was making a pre-date pit stop.  Manny was telling me about his latest conquest. Naturally, I logged onto Facebook to check her out. That’s when I got a chat alert from…my first. His face popped up [...]

Always the Baby Mama But Never the Bride

You thought you were set for life. You popped out the seeds of a NBA multi-million dollar man. You know him better than he knows himself. Your break up two years ago wasn’t anything that you thought would last forever. Then one day you get a text from him, not a phone call, in person [...]

Tell Me the Truth, You Just Don’t Want To Be With Me!

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you are the one trying to the find the words to gently let the other person down. Years ago, I dated this guy. There were signs that he was on the fence about where we were going. So, I took the opportunity to hit the brakes. I [...]

He was Addicted to Sex, But Not How You Think

He sat across from me on our first date and made a shocking confession. “I am addicted to sex.” For some reason, I didn’t react. I wasn’t disgusted. In fact I believe I even smirked. “Really?” I never had someone tell me they were a sex addict. Not sure that a first date was the [...]