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The Birth Control Blues

Over the holidays I hosted a get together at my house. It was a great mix of friends and family. As I hopped from room to room, checking on my guests and their needs, I overheard some starling words: “When SG was on birth control, she lost a lot of weight.” Imagine my shock and [...]

Why Do Women Fear the Strip Club?

I have a confession: I like going to the strip club. First time I saw the voluptuous ass of a women clapping on a stage adorned in nothing more than butt floss I stood amazed along the back wall of Magic City. It was one of the whore’s birthday’s so the runway was covered in [...]

I’d Cheat On My Husband

No marriage is perfect yet whenever we hear of infidelity we automatically assume that it is the man that is stepping out. It’s almost as if it’s acceptable. . “Oh, he cheated. That dog. Please pass the salt.” . But let it be a woman who cheats on her husband and she becomes lower than [...]

Maxwell Makes Me Wanna Sweat

Not for a long time have I been so moved by someone’s music but the new Maxwell album takes me back to my younger hopeless romantic days when I’d lay in the bed in the dark listening to a track on repeat thinking about the man in my life. Then there were the times when [...]

I’m Not a Lesbian, But My Next Lover May Be

I never gave dating a woman much thought. I have imagined what sex with a woman would be like as opposed to my pounding, sweat drops hitting me in my eye, grunting, bed breaking sexcapades with men. For some reason I assume sex with a woman would be softer, longer, more intense cause unlike men, [...]