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The Wedding Invitation

“SG, when the fuck did inviting the ex to the wedding become the move??!!” Manny has a problem. He’s a great guy, so great in fact that most of his exes still consider him to be a friend. One has just mailed him an invite to her wedding. He’s not happy about it. “No idea,” [...]

“Jesus Broke Up My Marriage”

Long ago I decided that before I get married me and my future husband would seek couple’s counseling. There’s no way I want to enter a union with unresolved issues that could one day mean the demise of my marriage. Whether it be our childhoods, relationships with parents (or lack there of), trust issues, low [...]

Always the Baby Mama But Never the Bride

You thought you were set for life. You popped out the seeds of a NBA multi-million dollar man. You know him better than he knows himself. Your break up two years ago wasn’t anything that you thought would last forever. Then one day you get a text from him, not a phone call, in person [...]

A Very Christian Wedding

I’m a sinner. I make no qualms about that, but I’m not as big a sinner as you’d think I am based on my writings. I didn’t smoke weed until this year and I’m almost 30. I only drink socially and have a cap of 2 drinks. If I have anymore than that my friends [...]

The 5 Steps to Marriage

During a very heated debate with Manny, we found ourselves trying to our damnedest to pin down the order in which people meet, date and marry. After a couple drinks, some animated arguments, agreeing to disagree, here is what we came up with: Step #1 – Dating You’ve announced yourself as being in the market [...]