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STSG Pet Peeve: Men Who Can’t Drive

Very few things I’m a stickler about. I’ve learned to give and take when dating someone. You can either learn to accept or ignore or dumb them because of their quirks. He snores in his sleep, I can get past that. He clips his toes nails on the couch, I’ll just make sure I’m not [...]

She’s Not Your Friend, She’s Your Pimp

Men tend to be very possessive in regards to women. Even if they no longer want her, already had her or never will get her, men can’t accept their homie getting a crack at it. Some women, are the complete opposite. If a woman wants a man, especially a man she knows she had no [...]

Baby, You Need to Get a Job

The recession is in full swing, which means the dating game is being forced to reinvent itself. No more wining and dining. Instead, more talking and casual meet ups. Now that the economy is done to crap, will you rethink your criteria for a mate? I took it to my TWEEPS and got some interesting [...]

Facebook Makes Stalking Easy

Leave it to the desperate and horny to turn a social networking sites, originally intended for recent college grads and underclassmen into a meat market. There’s nothing wrong with liking someone and hitting up their profile to see if they are single, employed and the like. Assuming the person is your facebook friend, you should [...]

Black Cougars are the New White Woman

Ladies, there’s a war going on and we don’t even realize it. Cougars aren’t just white women anymore. More and more older sistas are sharpening their claws and going for men 33 and under. I don’t know about you but that’s stepping into my territory. Sista Cougars are growing in numbers and the crazy thing [...]