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The Wedding Invitation

“SG, when the fuck did inviting the ex to the wedding become the move??!!” Manny has a problem. He’s a great guy, so great in fact that most of his exes still consider him to be a friend. One has just mailed him an invite to her wedding. He’s not happy about it. “No idea,” [...]

“Jesus Broke Up My Marriage”

Long ago I decided that before I get married me and my future husband would seek couple’s counseling. There’s no way I want to enter a union with unresolved issues that could one day mean the demise of my marriage. Whether it be our childhoods, relationships with parents (or lack there of), trust issues, low [...]

Dear Single Girl: Can I Be Allergic To My BF’s Semen?

Dear SG – I allow my boyfriend to cum in me. Something I really like, and yes I am on birth control. The thing is sometimes it causes a burning feeling inside. I don’t know why it happens. Is it my body fighting the foreign fluid? Any answer or suggestion to another source would help [...]

Baby, It’s Time To Get New Furniture

Don’t ask me why but I always find myself in situations where most people would flip out. I’m at a friend’s house on the couch, enjoying their cable when it became clear to me that their roommate was getting it “IN” in the other room. Being the person that I am, I simply turned up [...]

Ten Songs for the Jealousy In You (VIDEO)

At some point in our lives we all fall victim to the Green Eyed Monster . One day you’ll find yourself  throwing shade (rainbow term) at someone we wished we had, use to have or will never have and the person they choose over you. If you are the person in the relationship being hated [...]