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Now That You’re Married, Want To Date Me?

  A couple months ago, I got a new phone. Good bye team blackberry, hello android. The only thing that sucked about ditching my blackberry was losing BBM. You know, the easy way to talk to people you don’t really want to talk to. After a week, I realized that without BBM I had to actually [...]

Married Men Who Don’t Wear Rings (Red Flag #1!)

I don’t get tangled up much in celebrity lives and fuck up but I can’t help but pay some attention to the recent Dream and Christina Milian debacle. I feel sorry for the chick. She spent her whole career being the good girl (come on “dip it low” was kinda a joke) to marrying a [...]

Will Your Man Take Your Last Name?

Have you heard? Jay-z may be taking Beyonce’s last name. Something about since her father has no boys the name won’t be passed on. I say to that…Papa Knowles has a paternity suit pending so before Jay files for a new last name, he should see the result of that dna test. There might be [...]

“Jesus Broke Up My Marriage”

Long ago I decided that before I get married me and my future husband would seek couple’s counseling. There’s no way I want to enter a union with unresolved issues that could one day mean the demise of my marriage. Whether it be our childhoods, relationships with parents (or lack there of), trust issues, low [...]