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Recession Love: Let’s Shack Up

I always considered moving in with someone to be monumental. For starters I don’t really see myself living with a boo before marriage, possibly during an engagement but no sooner than that. Sure, couples move in together all the time; many of them with no intentions on getting wed. Still, I can’t downplay shacking up [...]

Recession Love: It’s Your First Christmas Together, Should You Buy a Gift?

I don’t know about you but this holiday season is kicking my ass. There’s two weeks left until X-mas and I haven’t bought a single present. Hell, I’m not even partaking in my office’s Secret Santa. What I look like spending $30 on a co-worker I don’t really care for. Every time I hear a [...]

Don’t Marry For Love, Marry For Money

If people marry for love and 50% of them end up divorced perhaps we should start marrying for other reasons. I, for one, am leaning very close to marrying for money. I recall a cool dude who told me that he wouldn’t mind if a woman was interested in him for his money and all [...]

The Girlfriend Bailout Plan (VIDEO)

Girlfriends speak to Congress about why moving in with their boyfriends just makes fiscal sense right now. (STSG NOTE: There needs to be a colored girl verison. )