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Recession Love: It’s Your First Christmas Together, Should You Buy a Gift?

I don’t know about you but this holiday season is kicking my ass. There’s two weeks left until X-mas and I haven’t bought a single present. Hell, I’m not even partaking in my office’s Secret Santa. What I look like spending $30 on a co-worker I don’t really care for. Every time I hear a [...]

“Love on a 5″

I have a new addiction: VH1′s Sex Rehab. I stumbled across it one  day but couldn’t turn. I had given up on VH1, what with all of their “…Love…” reality shows and limited my reality TV intake to Man vs Food, Bizarre Food, Anthony Bourdain, Say Yes to the Dress and Bridezillas. However, there was [...]

A Very Christian Wedding

I’m a sinner. I make no qualms about that, but I’m not as big a sinner as you’d think I am based on my writings. I didn’t smoke weed until this year and I’m almost 30. I only drink socially and have a cap of 2 drinks. If I have anymore than that my friends [...]

The 5 Steps to Marriage

During a very heated debate with Manny, we found ourselves trying to our damnedest to pin down the order in which people meet, date and marry. After a couple drinks, some animated arguments, agreeing to disagree, here is what we came up with: Step #1 – Dating You’ve announced yourself as being in the market [...]

Married People Shouldn’t Give Dating Advice

People who are married kill me when they try to give dating advice. . It’s like graduating high school ten years ago and coming back to your alma mater to tell the kids what it was like when you roamed those halls. All the teachers you had either died or retired. They renovated the classrooms. [...]