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Make Your Home A Man Trap

Being African American there are certain New Year’s traditions that you adhere to. Firstly, you are not to wash any clothes on New Year’s day, which is why the laundromats in the hood have their own guest lists the days leading up to the end of the year. If you are southern(ish) you know you [...]

The Key To Happiness: Knowing When To Move On

I can’t lie to you. I’m definitely in a transitional period in my life.  I even was considering the dramatic act of cutting all my hair off, Caesar-style. I told my friends about this. The women all understood. For some reason, women always turn to the scissors in hopes of “getting a fresh start”. Manny [...]

Never Ask a Man What He Thinks About You

His name was Fred. My aunt hooked us up on a blind date. He was tall and handsome. It’s always the cute ones that end up being weird. He was in his 30s but had a bullshit job.  He lived in a sparsely furnished studio apartment. He refused to eat vegetables and threw out pennies. [...]

Recession Love: Let’s Shack Up

I always considered moving in with someone to be monumental. For starters I don’t really see myself living with a boo before marriage, possibly during an engagement but no sooner than that. Sure, couples move in together all the time; many of them with no intentions on getting wed. Still, I can’t downplay shacking up [...]

Will Your Man Take Your Last Name?

Have you heard? Jay-z may be taking Beyonce’s last name. Something about since her father has no boys the name won’t be passed on. I say to that…Papa Knowles has a paternity suit pending so before Jay files for a new last name, he should see the result of that dna test. There might be [...]