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The Birth Control Blues

Over the holidays I hosted a get together at my house. It was a great mix of friends and family. As I hopped from room to room, checking on my guests and their needs, I overheard some starling words: “When SG was on birth control, she lost a lot of weight.” Imagine my shock and [...]

Why Do Women Fear the Strip Club?

I have a confession: I like going to the strip club. First time I saw the voluptuous ass of a women clapping on a stage adorned in nothing more than butt floss I stood amazed along the back wall of Magic City. It was one of the whore’s birthday’s so the runway was covered in [...]

Jump Offs Exist (Even Knows This)

I woke up this morning to learn that the internet was in an uproar (well just black women on the internet) over’s new men’s blog It’s a Man’s World and its debut post “The Truth about Jump Offs” written by journalist/editor Jozen Cummings. Jozen is a friend and told me about the post before [...]

Dear SG: Are All Women The Same In Bed?

Dear Single Girl – I want to know if men think that women are all the same in the bedroom? Your thoughts? I’ve heard guys say it and I want to hear others’ opinions – Kinyetta ~~~~~~~~~~ “I don’t even get the point of the question. Same in terms of what? Two boobs and a [...]

Do You Share Your Toys?

Early on in most women’s sex life, they think the act of sex is limited to kissing, foreplay (oral but only she receives), missionary and doggy style. But after a couple years of playing the good girl and realizing that your needs aren’t being met because: -         He’s doing what he wants -         You don’t [...]