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Dear SG: Are All Women The Same In Bed?

Dear Single Girl – I want to know if men think that women are all the same in the bedroom? Your thoughts? I’ve heard guys say it and I want to hear others’ opinions – Kinyetta ~~~~~~~~~~ “I don’t even get the point of the question. Same in terms of what? Two boobs and a [...]

Dear Single Girl: Can I Be Allergic To My BF’s Semen?

Dear SG – I allow my boyfriend to cum in me. Something I really like, and yes I am on birth control. The thing is sometimes it causes a burning feeling inside. I don’t know why it happens. Is it my body fighting the foreign fluid? Any answer or suggestion to another source would help [...]

“Dear SG: Small Town Girls Have It Hard”

Dear SG, I read the post ”Why You Can’t Find a Good Man“. As usual the information was on point. Unfortunately, the information didn’t apply to me for the simple fact that: 1 – I did not go to college 2 – I don’t have a big shot career, although I am independent and work for my [...]

Dear SG: Should I Celebrate My One Year Anniversary?

I received this letter last week but had to get some clarification on the issue at hand. Below, you will find the correspondence with the reader “One Year Later”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Single Girl – Next week is my one year anniversary. I’ve been thinking what I want to do with my guy but my friends [...]

Dear Single Girl: My BF Makes me Throw Up!

Dear Single Girl, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to write this scenario down without sounding too gross. My boyfriend loves when I please him below the belt. I use to like giving pleasure to men but that was before I got with him. He is huge and every time I go down [...]