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“I Call Her My Fianceé Because She’s More Than My Girlfriend”

If you ever want to know what’s on the mind of a man go out to dinner with a bunch of guys. About an hour into it, you will start to hear their crazy rationale, doggish behavior and insecurities. The keys to making this work: liquor, good food and great company. You can’t jump down [...]

Dear SG: Should I Celebrate My One Year Anniversary?

I received this letter last week but had to get some clarification on the issue at hand. Below, you will find the correspondence with the reader “One Year Later”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Single Girl – Next week is my one year anniversary. I’ve been thinking what I want to do with my guy but my friends [...]

Are You the Dummy in This Relationship?

It’s not that we want to know we are smarter than our boo, we just secretly want to think that we are. I have this one girlfriend who only dates dumb guys. “They are easier to control,” she says. She trained, yes trained, on sorry sap to perm her hair. Every six weeks he’d willingly [...]


There is only one thing that I know can make a woman cut her hair, lose or gain crazy weight or insist folks call her by a new name she picked from a fortune cookie wrapper – dick. I’m not talking regular d.i.. I’m talking the equivalent of California kush or hydro kinda magic stick. [...]

Facebook Makes Stalking Easy

Leave it to the desperate and horny to turn a social networking sites, originally intended for recent college grads and underclassmen into a meat market. There’s nothing wrong with liking someone and hitting up their profile to see if they are single, employed and the like. Assuming the person is your facebook friend, you should [...]