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“Dear SG: Small Town Girls Have It Hard”

Dear SG, I read the post ”Why You Can’t Find a Good Man“. As usual the information was on point. Unfortunately, the information didn’t apply to me for the simple fact that: 1 – I did not go to college 2 – I don’t have a big shot career, although I am independent and work for my [...]

Why You Can’t Find a GOOD Man

Tweep David L Patrick forwarded me his great post about a topic we all love to talk about–Why women are single. I thought I’d share it with you because when I say the same thing you think I’m talking crazy. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was reading a blog that I tend to read very often by [...]

“I Know Why Northern Women are Single”

As a gentleman living below the Mason Dixon line, I often wonder why there are so many hot ass, upwardly mobile, driven, accomplished and financially stable women from the north.  A vast majority of them being single! I mean as a young’in I used to love visiting during the summer. I’d get turned on hearing [...]

What Do I Look Like, A Maid?

By: Nafeesa Saboor aka “The Style Scrybe” ( I’ve never been much of a domestic. I don’t mind cooking, but I’ve always preferred that someone else do the cleaning. It came as quite and unwelcomed surprise, then, when I realized that much of my romantic life has been and will be spent cleaning up after [...]