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Make Your Home A Man Trap

Being African American there are certain New Year’s traditions that you adhere to. Firstly, you are not to wash any clothes on New Year’s day, which is why the laundromats in the hood have their own guest lists the days leading up to the end of the year. If you are southern(ish) you know you [...]

Janet and Jermaine’s Break Up CAUGHT ON TAPE (VIDEO)

Ten Songs for the Jealousy In You (VIDEO)

At some point in our lives we all fall victim to the Green Eyed Monster . One day you’ll find yourself  throwing shade (rainbow term) at someone we wished we had, use to have or will never have and the person they choose over you. If you are the person in the relationship being hated [...]

Telling a Man You are Taken Means Nothing to Him

Every woman gets badgered at least once a week by a guy, who under different circumstances may be nice, but can’t take a hint. There once was a time (probably back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) when a man would approach a woman and she could politely decline. No harm, no foul. Both parties would [...]