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Maxwell Makes Me Wanna Sweat

Not for a long time have I been so moved by someone’s music but the new Maxwell album takes me back to my younger hopeless romantic days when I’d lay in the bed in the dark listening to a track on repeat thinking about the man in my life. Then there were the times when [...]

Who is…Says The Single Girl?

In the three months since this site launched some folks still haven’t figure out what STSG is all about. For all of you who get me, thanks. For those who are still scratching your heads, give it time. With that said, I figured I’d write a little synopsis…   Who is…Says the Single Girl? I never [...]

PSA: Ladies, Lace Front Wigs Are Not Your Friend

For as long as there has been women on earth, we’ve always tried to find way to make ourselves more beautiful. Whether it was crushing roses to make blush or fashioning corsets from animal bone for a slimmer waist; women have no limit for achieving beauty. However, not all things are for all people. One [...]

What a Weekend…

This pretty much sums up my weekend. Give me a couple hours to adjust and I’ll have some new stuff up shortly. (sidenote: google “drunk, black, girl, woman” and you’d be amazed at all the porn that comes up. this was the best pic I could find…SMH) – SG

Something Old Something New

I am the Single Girl and these are my views on relationships, dating, sex and porn (ok, i kid with the last part although i do watch from time to time).