Young & Dumb: How 20-Something Women Ruin Their Relationships

Rudy & Bud

My next-door neighbor treats her boyfriend like crap…and he allows it. There’s nothing really to say about the dynamic of their relationship other than it’s pretty messed up but it seems to be working for them so to, it is what it is. What I do find comical is that she is now starting a dating video series where she gives her take on men and relationships.

I’ve heard this woman cuss her man out through the walls…

“How the f*ck you gonna bring Chinese food. I wanted Checkers!”

Really, women are talking to their men like that these days?

Men, you are tolerating this?

I’m not saying that women should be passive and sit back. Lord knows I’m far from a doormat but there is something that I’ve learned with age: there is a certain way to treat a man both publically and privately.  Most women don’t learn this until they’ve cried countless times to their friends “What’s wrong with me? Why am I single.”

Some women want to be strong and independent and there is nothing wrong with that but you can’t be inflexible when it comes to men. If a man is really interested in you he will be willing to give and take. A man who is stuck in his ways will come around if he cares about losing you.

When it comes to my neighbor, fact is she is a baby. At 25, she thinks she knows everything there is to know about men hence why she is doing this show. We’ve had some friendly conversations here and there. Part of me wants to sit her down and tell her that the way she is treating the dude is so out of pocket. I also want to pull him aside and grab his crotch to see if there are any balls there.

Young women these days are either too ridged or too weak.  For every girl like my neighbor there is a girl who doesn’t know crap about a relationship, most notably the public social cues. You know there are still some women who will not introduce themselves to the group unless their man does it. Girl, you are going to just sit in the corner the whole night under him and not speak to anyone. Where did he find you at?

For both types of young and naïve women the same thing happens before they find a good inner-balance: someone breaks their heart. It will only be when she is older and had time to experience different types of men that she will realize the error of her young, dumb ways.

… Says The Single Girl

8 Responses to “Young & Dumb: How 20-Something Women Ruin Their Relationships”

  1. Link her youtube channel! hahaha :p

  2. Women treat men like garbage these days. Men often don’t treat women well either, but atleast that gets some attention. Everywhere you look it’s some sort of day of awareness for women, or this or that. As far as anyone knows, women treat men great.

    Men know better though. Thank God my girlfriend is so amazing.

  3. I would like to believe that its the case of women treating men like crap, but what goes around comes right back around…and some times you have to learn from other peoples mistakes instead of repeating them over and over…i couldnt deal with an aggressive chick…i can do bad all by myself

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  6. I have to admit that I am that stubborn won’t shut up girl, but I learned that through having a jerk as a boyfriend, so being rude became a way of standing up for myself. I think talking to your girlfriend like she’s some piece of rubbish can only lead to your treatment reciprocated.

  7. i love how she makes the guy out to be balless because he doesnt defend himself. you feminists have cried and cried for men to be sensitive and have tried to emasculate men so much that men are accepting alot of crap from women and now after its all said and done, NOW you want men to have balls and stand of for themselves. you women need to check your fucking hormone levels because all of you are downright contradictory, unable to please, and downright crazy. THINK. Use that brain. Consider for a second how you are and expect to get whatever shit you put out.

  8. Your’s is the ingnlliteet approach to this issue.

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