Married Men Who Don’t Wear Rings (Red Flag #1!)


I don’t get tangled up much in celebrity lives and fuck up but I can’t help but pay some attention to the recent Dream and Christina Milian debacle. I feel sorry for the chick. She spent her whole career being the good girl (come on “dip it low” was kinda a joke) to marrying a guy that was so not her type. Now either she is a sucka for love or a whore to attention. Whatever the case may be I noticed something was up when I started to see pictures of Dream without his wedding ring.

Call me old fashion but when I get married my husband is wearing his ring. Everyday. All day. The only time he should take it off is to sleep and shower. It’s not even about showing the world he’s taken but it’s a sign of his commitment to me. Wendy Williams explained (several times) that her husband doesn’t wear a wedding ring cause that’s not his style. Instead he wears a pinky ring and she’s ok with that.

To that I say, he cheated on you with a chick from your local bank; you wrote about it in your book and talk about it often. Fuck his pinky ring and everything he stands for.

Now, men that I know who wear their wedding rings do so with pride. One day Married Manny (I”ll hence forth refer to all my married Mannys as Manuel”… One day Manuel walked out the house without his ring and almost lost his shit. He couldn’t continue our lunch until he mentally retraced his steps and remembered that he must of left it on his dressed because “I took it off to put lotion on my face.”

The cutest thing is when you see a group of married men joking with a newlywed man about his new hardware. The lump comes to my through just thinking about it. It’s an elite club, especially if they are men of color. There should be some pride and support for those men who 1 – Take that step to commit 2 – Wear their rings proudly.

If I discover that a man is married but doesn’t wear his ring automatically I’m thinking he’s a cheater or that marriage isn’t real. You know people in the black community love to claim marriage when they really are just common law. If I don’t see a ring on your finger I have a hard time calling the woman by your side your wife. You don’t even respect her enough to where the ultimate sign on your union

NO, a neck tattoo of her name doesn’t count!

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  1. Honestly, as a happily married man I can tell you that. I wear my ring 99.9% of the time but it doesn’t stop women from flirting, in fact I think more of them bug you when you wear the ring than not. Marriage is a bond that you better make sure is built on something other than symbols or material goods. My ring doesn’t prevent me from doing dumb crap, my love,repect and honoring of both my wife and the married lifestyle keeps me from it, Women should realize that you can’t turn a playa playa from the club into a one woman guy and most women create unrealistic ideals for the guys that have given you all the signals of what they are about. If you find a man that is truely about a one women relationship aka the marriage lifestyle and you two click on a life giving personal level then you are in luck. But if you are pushing the marriage issue or fight frequently over everything then watch out.

  2. Three years ago my girl friend said no marriage? No sex! We got married:( For approx.6 months it was good then all things stopped. When she starts being a little selfless and more us I’ll put my rings back on!!!

  3. The only time my husband wears his wedding ring is when he go some where. I ask him why he don’t wear it at all time he say he don’t want to work in it. So I finger if he don’t wear his’ s so what the hell I’m going to wear mines for.

  4. Sorry, but your view of reality is skewed.
    1. Women want what they can’t have. i.e. They are MORE attracted and intrigued by a man wearing a ring. I have heard from many women that they are attracted to married men. As a man I find this ridiculous but there are plenty of women out there who will see a man with a ring as a “challenge” or “forbidden fruit”. They want to play with others’ toys.
    2. If you can’t trust your husband to not wear his ring your relationship is doomed anyway. I won’t care either way if my wife wears hers or not because I will trust her enough not to cheat.
    3. Cheaters are going to cheat, non cheaters aren’t going to. Plenty of ring wearing men cheat. Plenty of non ring wearing men don’t cheat. The personality of the husband is more important than what he wears on his hands.
    4. There are many logical reasons not to wear a ring. It’s small and expensive and could easily get dirty, scratched, or lost. It could be uncomfortable for men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry.
    5. You say the marriage isn’t real if the man doesn’t wear his ring, but most “fake” marriages are when people put on a show… Have a big phony marriage, flaunt their rings, pretend they are happy, etc.
    My parents got married in a courthouse and never wore their rings, and they are the only ones out of their siblings to have never gone through a divorce.

  5. I’m getting married soon. I don’t want my husband to wear a wedding ring because I think that men and jewellery is just odd, and it creeps me out. He’s not more likely to cheat because he doesn’t wear jewellery.

  6. I’m going to get married into two weeks, and I’ll ask him to wear his wedding ring all the time. I think that a man who wears the wedding ring is showing respect for the compromise a matrimony means. It doesn’t have too much to do with being faithful or not, it is a question of being proud of our marriage.

  7. It’s not that married men should or shouldn’t wear wedding rings, it’s the men who shamelessly flirt with women to stroke their ego! They act as if they are not doing anything wrong, but it’s misleading and hurtful to other people. The fact that there are some women who don’t CARE that their husbands wear rings or not is just contributing to the imorral attitudes in our society. GYSOT!

  8. I always dreamed that after marriage I would be proud to wear my wedding ring… My father does, my grandfather did, my friends do. Yet, after 10 years of marriage and 3 children I found out about an emotional affair my wife was having with a co-worker. It was then the ring came off…and will stay off. To me, the ring is a symbol of the love, loyalty, honesty, devotion, and commitment that is needed in marriage and represents being one with each other. Now that lies, deceit, and infidelity have entered the arena and trust is gone, it’s just another worthless piece of metal. Meaningless.

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  12. what do Yall think about this. I recently watched a show on t.v. I won’t mention. There was a very handsome contestant that has become quite popular. On the show all the married people talked about their spouses in the bio of them or on the show. He never mentioned a spouse and on one section where they were to talk about a romance in their lives, he mentioned only his brother and familial love. So everyone thought he was single. On his facebook page, no mention of a wife. People have asked him if he is married and he never answers. So one day a week or so ago, a women came on and made a comment. She had the last name same as his. We thought that follow him it was a sister. Clicked on her avatar and it was a picture of him and her and said married since 2010! Most of us were shocked and kind of disgusted with him. Why would a man do that in your opinion? I thought he might be protecting her from being in the limelight but then again, he is making people think he is single by not mentioning her or wearing a wedding ring. I also noticed she did not wear a ring at least in the one picture we saw which could have been an older one before they were married. I just think it is odd that he never mentioned her and NEVER does.

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