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The Birth Control Blues

Over the holidays I hosted a get together at my house. It was a great mix of friends and family. As I hopped from room to room, checking on my guests and their needs, I overheard some starling words: “When SG was on birth control, she lost a lot of weight.” Imagine my shock and [...]

Recession Love: Let’s Shack Up

I always considered moving in with someone to be monumental. For starters I don’t really see myself living with a boo before marriage, possibly during an engagement but no sooner than that. Sure, couples move in together all the time; many of them with no intentions on getting wed. Still, I can’t downplay shacking up [...]

The Wedding Invitation

“SG, when the fuck did inviting the ex to the wedding become the move??!!” Manny has a problem. He’s a great guy, so great in fact that most of his exes still consider him to be a friend. One has just mailed him an invite to her wedding. He’s not happy about it. “No idea,” [...]

Will Your Man Take Your Last Name?

Have you heard? Jay-z may be taking Beyonce’s last name. Something about since her father has no boys the name won’t be passed on. I say to that…Papa Knowles has a paternity suit pending so before Jay files for a new last name, he should see the result of that dna test. There might be [...]