Why Don’t Men Take Birth Control?


It’s safe to say that women hold the burden of responsibility when it comes to preventing pregnancy during intercourse. Condoms are fair ground. Both parties should have a stash readily available. However, most dudes will automatically assume that the woman is on birth control. What’s even sadder is that he doesn’t bring this up to her until the condom breaks or he slips it in raw.

“Wait, ain’t you on birth control?” he asks right after he rolls over.

Too little, too late.

This got me to thinking, why isn’t there a pill for men to take that puts their sperm to sleep?

Fellas you can take it every morning when you wake up in the morning for that first piss. Leave a cup of water and the pill on the bathroom sink. It’s be black and have a name like “Trevor” (shoot we have Yasmin) or “Nosprematall Lo”. You’d still be the same man you’ve always been but your little soldiers won’t be swimming.

I raised this question on night to my Tweeps (twitter friends for all you slow pokes) and one response for a dude caught me off guard.

“Men are too attached to their fertility. Knowing that we can shoot loads makes us who we are.”


Then this brought something to mind. As you see my train of thought runs wild.

Would men and women have more (unprotected) sex if both men and women were on birth control?

Let’s be real, the majority of folks are having unprotected sex knowing full well about AIDS and STDs yet they still “pop off” without protection. For arguments sake, let’s say there are no STDs. The only negative of unprotected sex would be getting pregnant.

Ladies, if you knew your partner was on male birth control would you:

1. Stop taking yours

2. Feel better about going raw

3. Have more than one sexual partner at a time

Fellas, if there was such a thing as male birth control would you:

1. Take it

2. Still use condoms as a back up

3. Have more, as Mr. Southern Comfort would say, “meat to meat” sex

Well, what’s your answer?

- SG

4 Responses to “Why Don’t Men Take Birth Control?”

  1. apparently there’s actually an injection (lots and lots of testosterone) that can be administered to men that reduces the sperm count. the drug is still undergoing trials but it’s being touted as a less-permanent method of male birth control. let’s face it, there’s no coming back from a vasectomy.

    the side effects of this sperm-killer are increased aggression, hostility and some other uber-manly stuff.

  2. I’ve been waiting for a male pill for ever. A major reason as you stated is that std’s would go way up, people are more concerned with having an unwanted child then an std, baby mammas and daddies are everywhere you look, we only got magic for hiv and he looks great and makes millions so the scare factor is not there. So while I would take a birth pill or something, for most men and women it would be a bad idea….

  3. Women that want to get pregnant .. get pregnant.

    Its that simple.

  4. thank god u brought this up!! my partner did dat a lot wen we just started dating. he loved goin raw nd assumed i’ws on pills..i got pregnant as a result of that. cant keep on with d pills, i heard itz gonna affect the reproductive system if taken too much. honestly, we need pills for d guys, this is a serious issue!!

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