Why Do Women Fear the Strip Club?


I have a confession: I like going to the strip club.

First time I saw the voluptuous ass of a women clapping on a stage adorned in nothing more than butt floss I stood amazed along the back wall of Magic City. It was one of the whore’s birthday’s so the runway was covered in a plastic trap. Whipped cream and chocolate sauce was everywhere. The bi-sexual sluts were having such a good time that they didn’t even care to work the room for the dirty bills clenched in the ogling men’s hands.

The time after that was in the back woods of South Carolina. Mr. Southern Comfort took me around to three levels of strip clubs: Scum buckety – where the women walked around butt ass naked, smoked cigarettes with their cat traps and squirted breast milk into the crowd. Butta Face – the pole work was good but the women weren’t cute. Classy – the women were pretty, some couldn’t dance but the atmosphere was inviting, especially for a woman.

It would be years before I stepped foot inside another strip club. It wasn’t due to lack of interest. I’ve always wanted to know what men get out of it. The problem was my guy friends didn’t want to take me. Women being paid customers at strip clubs is a fairly recent occurrence. They didn’t want to be the dude bringing sand to the beach. The types of clubs they usually went to weren’t public. There was no sign outside the door and sometimes a secret password was needed. These backdoor joints were illegal. There was definitely sex taking place.

A few months ago I returned to the strip club. So much had changed since I use to beg my Manny’s to take me. As I arrived at Sin City, I noticed that there were more women on line than men. These ladies were celebrating birthdays, bachelorette parties, Thursday night. Whatever the case might have been they were out there in droves determined to have a good time.

When I say I like going to the strip club please understand that it is less about seeing the women getting naked and more about the freedom expressed inside. It’s always entertaining to see women let loose. How many of you have seen those internet video clips of women in the male strip clubs on stage loosing their minds and sucking the strippers dick on stage in front of everyone? You know you’ve watched half disgusted, half envious.

Strip Clubs are without a doubt about the objectification of the human body. Some bodies deserve to be objectified. It’s not my place to judge the lost women who prance on stage for money. I’ve decided to applaud their hard pole routines and marvel at their strength. Holding up an hour glass frame with the your thighs while hanging upside down is not easy. There is this one chick who doesn’t take off her top and bottom. She doesn’t have to because her pole game is so sick that he easily gets the most tips when she’s on stage.

Every time I got to the titty bar I leave there promising to go to the gym. Never happens.

One thing that does happen is I imagine my life as a stripper. What would my name be? Would I be a VIP chick or a side stage performer? How much money would I make a night? I know I could dance for the cute guys but what about the ugly fat bastards that get a hard on while I’m giving them lapdances and jizz their pants? Can the dollar make me see past all that?

If you ever want a pick me up go to the strip club, look at all the wayward women selling their bodies and say to yourself “At least I haven’t hit this low.” I see the money that gets thrown on the stage and can’t help but wonder “If these women make so much money, what are they doing with it?” If I was pulling in a couple hundred dollars a night, mostly tax free…man I don’t know what I’d do or how I’d be living.

Women tend to think that strip clubs are about men cheating but not so. If your man is the type to go to the strip club, chances are he just likes to blow off steam and knows how to have a good time. Men don’t go to strip clubs to cheat. They go to fantasize. They go to treat a woman like a prostitute cause they can’t treat you like a whore so they pay another women to smack her ass and call her out her name. Nine times out of ten he’ll end up coming home and plowing the hell out of you.

Go to the strip club and instead of screw facing the broad thank them for helping you get your back blown out.

…Says The Single Girl

7 Responses to “Why Do Women Fear the Strip Club?”

  1. A lion in a Butterfly

    Tuesday, 15th December 2009 at 5:52 PM

    LOL!!! I love this post! I’ve been to a couple of strip clubs (not recently tho..) and I had a good time. I’m not gay or bi-sexual so the view of the arse walking around didn’t do anything for me. But when I did go the dudes would be buying drinks for my friends and I all the while they were tipping the dancers. Needless to say we all left happy! Anyway, the ladies that can work the pole inspired me to take pole dancing classes! LOL!! I suck on the pole but it sure as hell is a good workout!

  2. Love the post, And i love going to strip clubs, i’ve even been with my husband before and it was his idea, he even talked me into getting a lap dance, i like it lol. and we went home and lets just say our friends and family didn’t see us for a couple of days lol ;-)

  3. i’ma a little different in that I typically only go to strip clubs when I have a buddy come to town and it’s HIS idea…lol..For real. The fantasy of it I get and true enuff, often it’s about treating a woman in a ruthless way than you can get away with at home. But for me…IT gets boring! It doesn’t take long for me to NOT like seeing azz I can’t have, especially azz I can’t have without sharing it…Being a voyeur is really not my thing. I’m into DOING…not looking and fantasizing about doing. And those places can be dangerous, in the sense that you have women looking their sexy best; they haven’t worked an 8 hour shift and had a 2 hour commute, dealt with kids, meals, laundry….the world is ALL about you in those places–then you get back to the REAL world and want things to be like the fantasy. AND the sistas say: Negro pleeeez!….lol

  4. YES!!

    I love going to the Strip Club with females. Theres something about going into a strip club with another woman. Maybe it’s because the strippers think that’s your girl friend or something. Maybe it’s because another woman being there makes them feel comfortable. Either way you are the winner because you get SOOO much attention!

  5. I LOVE THE STRIP CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!! From the outfits (Love when the girls are creative),the flashing lights, the smoke, the MUSIC. From the under ground clubs to the most popular. I have no problem going with my man or just with my girls. I am not gay just comfortable with myself. I watch the girls, talk to them about their costume for the night. Its fun.

    If my guy wants to go, I want to go to but I wont intrude on guy’s night.

    I also try their moves at home on my pole. I think its sexy to see my guy look at other girls. As long as he comes home to ME.

  6. I too enjoy the stripclub and I’ve never understood why so many women are intimidated by it. Over the years I’ve offered to take a SO or two to one only to be rebuffed…….along with that glare you women are so good at.

    I don’t see the big deal. Why not allow someone else to arouse your man, as long as he takes that lust home….what’s the big deal.

    My father used to always say that there was nothing wrong with a man looking at the menu, provided he ate at home.

  7. But please, ladies: For the love of all things good- SPEND SOME FREAKING MONEY when you come to the strip club to ‘have a good time’! It’s so obnoxious for groups of women to come into our workplace and do nothing but drink, giggle, point, shriek, etc. and not spend a dime on the dancers they are ‘admiring’.
    If you don’t want a private dance, at least tip the dancers generously on stage.
    I’m not convinced female customers in strip clubs is entirely a good thing.. for the strippers at least. Glad we can inspire you to work out, but you taking up seats in the club and not even considering spending money is not cool.

    *sorry this comes across a bit angry but just had to vent. :)

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