Why are You With This Guy? (The Joke That Doesn’t Work Both Ways)


You are the new girlfriend and you’re being introduced to his friends.

“Oh my god, you are gorgeous. Why are you with this guy?”

You are somewhat embarrassed. How are you supposed to respond?

“He has a big dick, that why I’m with him.”

Of course not. Instead you smirk and make noises like you are going to say something when you know you aren’t:




They carry on the conversation around you. Your man jumps in and before you know it they talking Yankees and Lakers.

“Why are you with this guy?”

Seriously, why do people ask that question. Small talk, jokes, asshole-ism.

Fellas think about this the next time you ask you man’s lady this question.

You’re putting us on the spot and making us question what, if anything, is wrong with our man.

Men joke differently than women.

Imagine if this was constantly asked in the reverse.

You bring your new man to a function and run into an old home girl.

“Girl, look at you!”

“Hey girl, how are you?”

“I’m great.” She spots your boo. “And who is this?”

“BF meet Old Friend.”

“Hello BF, tell me, why are you with this chick?”

“What bitch?!? F*ck you mean why he with me?”

“Girl, I was just joking. Calm down, we are at a wedding.”

BF seeing that you are about to lose all self control tries to calm you down.

“Baby, relax, she was just kidding. My friend did the same thing to you last week.”

“Nah, f*ck that. This bitch tryna play me. She always goes after my dudes.”

“Girl, you are buggin’ out. I was just making small talk. Trust me, I don’t want your man.”

“Oh, now you don’t want him. Why, what’s wrong with him. You saying he’s wack?”

See, it just doesn’t work with women.

- SG

2 Responses to “Why are You With This Guy? (The Joke That Doesn’t Work Both Ways)”

  1. It doesn’t work with us either !! Thats the oldest trick in the book when a man is trying to get at your woman in front of you !! I know because I’ve done it & if your boy isn’t careful, you got her !! besides, women already know within a few seconds of meeting you whether they’d sleep with you or not !! A Cougar taught me that MANY years ago !! So did my father !!

  2. LMAO!! @ the joke gone terribly wrong…although, I must admit that I think women need to loosen up. I personally wouldn’t take offense…but you’re right that plenty of ladies would!

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