“Why Are Women So Trifling?!?”

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I love it when Manny goes off about some woman. It usually takes a while for him to reach his bullshit limit and finally react to the shenanigans of his girl of the moment. She hears the milder version. I get the full, uncut and raw tirade.

All of my guy friends swear that women are just as bad as men and get on me sometimes for not going hard on the ladies.

I’ve always said that most women are clueless when it comes to dating, another portion have no idea how to let a man be a man or accept their emotional role as a woman.

I also know that women like to play little games, push a man’s button, anything to get the sleeping giant within to react. The bigger the reaction, the more she thinks he likes/loves her.

Of course, I listened quietly as Manny went off on this girl he was seeing. We’ll call her Mina. According to Manny, Mina tried to play him. He caught her in several little white lies. At first he didn’t raise an issue but he knew she was lying from jump. Since he’s not trying to make her his real girl he picks and choose his battles.

“SG, I don’t even care about what she lied about. I’m tight cause I see she thinks I’m an idiot. Like she can tell me anything and I’m gonna believe it.”

“You know she’s only lying because she doesn’t feel like going into great detail about the truth. White lie is shorter and easier.”

“I get that but why offer up any excuse at all. If you going out with friends then say that, not ‘I’m working late’.”

His other problem with Mina, she got lazy with her appearance and home.

“When I met her, she wasn’t a bad shorty but she was definitely cute. We eight months in and she goes days without combing her hair. I think she gained like 15 lbs, talking about the economy has her stressed. The way you get me is the way you keep me. That shit aint sexy. Why do you women get lazy on the job? Men are simple. We like when you take care of your mind and body because that means I don’t have to spoon feed you like a kid. I’m not trying to train you. “

“Have you told her this?”

“In a round about way, sure. I don’t want to be an ass. What am I going to say, ‘Babe, your getting fat and your hair is a mess’?”

“Yup, be honest.”

“SG, I’m so frustrated with her. Another thing she does that she doesn’t think I know about, she checks my Facebook account. I log into it once while at her house and forgot to log off. I’ll be out and people will hit me like ‘yo, I hit you on FB chat and you aint respond’.”

“Um, remind me why you’re still dealing with her then. Sounds like a big headache with no payoff.”

“Oh she’s a really good girl and the sex is crazy. Why you think I’m keeping her around?”

“I give up.”


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  1. LOL. He’s just as bad as her.

    I stopped dating people I have too much complaints about. I look @ it in terms of pros and cons now.If cons outweigh the pros, it’s deletion time.

  2. I’m guilty of making excuses to tolerate a shorty….my last straw came recently when a young lady i was dating finally spent the nite…she already erked me dont even know why she was they – then i thought i was dreaming about the SImpsons baby making that sucking noise; wasnt dream this grown as woman was sucking her thumb in my bed—OMG “ANNNNNNAMMMAAAAE!”

  3. There are too many good woman out there looking for a man and visa versa for all this drama to keep being tolerated. He admits that this “situation-ship” is only really serving one purpose and won’t go any further than the bedroom, so treat it as such. Either look the other way and just handle your business or speak up and tell her the truth always. Most woman need to hear the truth about themselves. If for nothing else maybe she’ll learn something and not treat the next man in the same fashion. The truth hurts but it is necessary….

  4. I for one am the kind of woman who didn’t change when I lived with my ex for eight months. I still kept my appearance up, but did gain a little weight. I tried to lose it, but he was the one who didn’t want me to saying that he wanted me fat and nasty so no one else could want me (I am a sexy ass woman who doesn’t look her age, intelligent and take care of the house and kids). My main thing is he started acting crazy and changing and being mean to the kids, thinking that I was going to be a weak woman and stay with this **ish. No, I have too much confidence, intelligence to fall for the mind game in order to break me and keep me. I love him and showed that in every way, but his Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde was destroyed the relationship. NOT SOME TRIFLING FEMALE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Rebecca no man wanna take care of your kids that you made with other men either stay single or go back to your baby daddy and of course none of it is your fault stfu

  6. ms. gretchen shortall,nichols,dygert, drinan.or whatever her name is this week…certainly is the PICTURE of trifling….shouldnt sleep with married men…

  7. true trifling…maybe explains ms. gretchen shortalls behavior. :
    Beware the Husband Hunter
    Why Some Women Go For Guys Who Are Taken
    May 28, 2010

    By Elise Nersesian

    A sparkly engagement ring used to be the symbol of ultimate security for single girls. However, a dangerous ilk of women is on the rise — those who don’t consider a wedding band a deterrent, while searching for Mr. Right. They crave the excitement of a passionate romance, but one with an added challenge on top. In other words: They want your boyfriend or husband and aren’t the least bit afraid to go after him.

    If the tabloids are any indication, one may assume that chasing married men is largely a habit formed in Hollywood — from Rachel Uchitel’s recent confession to bedding actor David Boreanaz (a married father of two), to stripper Michelle “Bombshell” McGee’s tryst with Sandra Bullock’s soon-to-be ex Jesse James, to (insert name of stripper-Playmate-bottle girl)’s fling with shamed golfer Tiger Woods.

    However, this recent batch of philandering female star-chasers is indicative of a real-life trend that’s been taking place for a while, say scientists at Oklahoma State University.

    In a prominent and highly publicized study, researchers divided bachelorettes into two groups and showed them photographs of a hot guy — telling one group he was single and the other he was in a relationship; then, they asked the women how likely they were to pursue him. Only when the woman believed he was committed to someone else did interest in the male subject skyrocket.

    So what gives? It’s not like mate poaching is a new concept. The idea of seeking several partners — even those who are taken — well, that’s classic Darwinian thinking. However, some experts say the more sexual equality females gain in society, the more Rachel Uchitel types are likely to come crawling out of the woodwork.

    “Research shows that in societies where women are economically powerful, the more sexually and socially aggressive they are,” says anthropologist Helen Fisher, Ph.D., author of Why We Love. “And today, with more men out of work than women (due to the recession cutting more male-oriented jobs), we’re seeing women become bolder in every area of their lives.”

    There’s even a chemical explanation for why many women pursue guys in relationships. “Any block to romantic love drives up dopamine — a brain chemical associated with love and reward,” says Fisher. “That brain rush can feel addictive.”

    And, for the female mate poacher who Oklahoma researchers say bases her self-esteem on her looks and romantic status, that brain rush can be an intoxicating and driving force, causing her to view already-committed men with rose-colored glasses.

    “Men in relationships have already proven their willingness to commit, which is a major draw to these women,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., sex and relationship therapist. “The possibility of landing him may make her feel special and maybe even superior.”

    But this high doesn’t last for long. Expending all their energy on already- committed men is a risky business, says Kerner. That’s because these men are often happy to have sex on the side, but are rarely willing to leave their wives or girlfriends.

    Proof can be gleaned from Michelle McGee’s infamous quote in Steppin’ Out magazine: “I think men are made to spread their seed. Women need to accept that. If you’re going to be married to somebody, you need to know that men are not meant to be with one woman. I think you can totally love your spouse and still sleep with other women. That urge will always be there, if you’re a man. I believe you can love your wife 100 percent and still stray.”

    But in the end, both women get shafted. “The problem is, by expending all their energy on men in relationships, female mate poachers are overlooking potential guys who could be compatible long-term mates,” says Kerner.

    Yet, sometimes it does work out. Angelina Jolie — no doubt our generation’s most famous mate-poacher — snatched Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston; five years and six kids later, they seem to be going strong. But in Angie’s darkest hour, does she ever wonder whether one day she could become the next scorned wife? tick tock G….

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