What I’ve been Up To


If you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing much lately.

I have a couple things to take care of before I can get back in to the swing of things.

Someone broke into my house last week, while I was home!

I’m applying for jobs.

I’m seeing someone.

My mother brought me a scale so now I’m working out.

And most importantly, I don’t want to sound like a love hater, man basher or bitter bitch, which is why I’m writing stories and less opinion.

The cast of characters I have, from the many Mannys to Jesus Whore, will keep you glued to the screen.

Just be patient.


…Says The Single Girl

7 Responses to “What I’ve been Up To”

  1. Looking forward to it…but please hurry up :-)

  2. Uhm, I like (not really) how you nonchalantly said/wrote “Someone broke into my house last week, while I was home!” YIKES! Hope all worked out with that and intruder was greeted by a metal pipe to the head

  3. Wow! 1. Hope you (and your house) are ok! Scary! 2. Congrats on the seeing someone! I also had a slower writing period on my blog when my relationship first started. 3. Good luck w/ the job hunt! 4. Throw away the scale. Just go by what jeans size you wear. :o )

  4. DAMN, B&E while you were HOME? What kinda silly azz crackhead thief doesn’t bother to case the joint? I hope you had a chance to do a Plexico Burris on him bcuz once they’re IN your house, all gun control rules are null and void. Keep your head up and try not to become uncomfortable in your own place of comfort. Then again, this might be a perfect time to see if the “new dude” you’re test driving, has what it takes to help a sista feel safe…..And if you need feedback regarding your workout routine, post a pic……I’ll give it to you str8! lol… safe, remain blessed…..

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