Women do not like Weak Men (Period, end of story!)


Fellas, if you have used this argument: “I’m a good dude; problem is chicks don’t want a good man.” Chances are you have convinced yourself that GOOD is a nice way of saying what you really are-WEAK.

Now, not all good men are weak but a majority of them are and they think that is the reason why they get -ished on. While it is true that most women like a guy with a little bit of asshole in him (it shows that he can’t be pushed around and will cause a ruckus if need be) we don’t really want the bad guy. We settle for the bad guy ’cause he has stronger legs to stand on than the nice (translation: weak guy). With the bad guy you know what he is about.

Let’s define weakness:





Middle English weike, from Old Norse veikr; akin to Old English w?can to yield, Greek eikein to give way, Sanskrit vijate he speeds, flees


14th century

1: lacking strength: as a: deficient in physical vigor : feeble , debilitated b: not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain c: not able to resist external force or withstand attack d: easily upset or nauseated <a weak stomach>

If you are a weak man chances are you are:

  • Passive
  • Indecisive

Passiveness isn’t that big a deal if every now and then you call someone out (to their face) and speak your mind when a limit is reached. Who wants a punk ass man?

The real killer is indecisiveness.

If you are indecisive (“I don’t know what I want for dinner, honey what do you want for dinner?”) your woman will lose all respect for you.

Once you have lost her respect, you have lost her!

If you look at the traditional way of things men were the hunters and women the nurturers. Women still want to take care of a man who can take care of them, a man who can make decisions. As women, we don’t have to agree but it’s nice to know that your man has a vision, a goal, a road he is set on, a plan of attack.

In the great cheestastic sci-fi flick, Species, the lead character is this alien-human woman who is on the search for a man to impregnate her. She breaks free from her government lab and hits the streets, giving her ass to any man she finds.

But, there is a catch. With her super aliens senses she can tell if her prospective mate is weak. If he is weak, she kills them.

This poor guy had diabetes. (LMAO!)

Like her, I too wish that sometimes I could off a weak ass dude, tie cement blocks to his feet and send him to the bottom of the ocean. Trust,  that would be much easier than telling him to his face “You are a punk and you need to grow some balls.”

Ladies, let’s not fool these men anymore. When you dumb a dude don’t say: “I think you are great guy but I am not ready for a relationship.”


“You are too bitch-like for me. Get some bass in your voice, make clear decisions and stick to them without my input. Oh and while you at it, treat me like a lady you want, not a woman you need.”

There, I won’t even charge you for that. Take it, say it and hopefully you can save a man’s life.

- SG

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  1. You are so cool! I do not believe I’ve read through a single thing like this before.
    So nice to discover someone with unique thoughts on this topic.

    Seriously.. thaank you for starting this up. This site is something that is required on the internet,
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  2. This is complete bullshit. You are describing a narrow, childish and primitive point of view. A girlfriend is not going to lose respect for her boyfriend if he can’t decide what he wants for dinner. The type of women being described are absolute bitches. Actually, women that hold these values are not women at all, they are weak, gossiping LG’s.(most likely sluts) If these girls want a asshole guy they deserve all the horrible things he’ll put her through. Whats being said is, women don’t want a man that is as weak as them, (pull some of your own weight). Even the most nastiest, manliest, physically strong females. I see weakness in them that is not present in the average man. Its hard to be a male in society. we are told to be nice and not aggressive. But when someone mistreats us we are weak or passive because we look the other way. if we defended our selves we have to deal with severe consequence. As for indecisiveness, they’re is just to many options.

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  4. There is a lot wrong with this blog post. Women don’t like weak men? here’s one for you, men don’t like women who are shallow, inconsiderate, disrespectful and a bitch to even remotely think that way about such a person to the point where you actually believe that YOU are better than he, when in reality YOU were attracted to him because of who he is, not what you want him to be… So he is weak because he can’t decide what he wants for dinner at night? So he is weak when he is passive about certain aspects in life that don’t bother him that much? Oh so he has to be an asshole to be considered strong? This whole blog has immature and disrespectful written all over it. How do you people live with yourselves acting like this? I get with a woman who is soft and accepting of who I am without putting some nasty label on me because i don’t take stupid things seriously like dinner on a fucking table at night and no one knows what to make… Things like that are weak.. And people (men AND WOMEN alike) who take that as a weakness in life ARE WEAK. I never judge a woman based on indecisiveness or passiveness about certain things in life that aren’t even that big of a deal. I think the owner of this blog made some pretty piss poor examples of a man. She has no idea the measure of a man and what it means in todays society to be a man. To be honest, I see a woman who wrote this, extremely angry at never getting what she wants, so you have to resort to writing a blog about your frustrations with men who probably want to treat you with the utmost respect and give you the control and freedom with your own life without making you feel tied down. I’m pretty sure you just like my ex wife who called me weak… But yet was so indecisive about what she wanted with me, so she married me anyway when I asked. I had no idea she was playing an inner turmoil game with herself about deciding to love me or not love me. I had made up my mind and I knew I wanted Her and no one else. One day she woke up and tells me she is not in love anymore because I am “weak”… I’ve had my share of life experiences, but to call a man weak for wanting to please his wife and treat her like a lady instead of a damn male buddy i’ve known all my life doesn’t attract me. You miss or whatever you are, probably a weak minded alien from mars who can’t understand the true definition of weak and strong needs a lesson in life. Learn what true weakness is… My wife gave up on me after committing to me, she assumed the wrong thing about me and labeled me. I gave up my car, my job, my home, to move to be in Europe, where she is now, with her. She gave up our marriage in a matter of months, never once gave me a chance. Just gave up… THAT is weakness… learn the fucking difference and start figuring it out.. OR go date your assholes you brag about so much on your blog.

  5. Amen. BTW, to the guys bitching and crying about this post. As a woman, I can’t even get past the first few sentences of these responses without cringing. If you guys want sympathy, go to your mama. If you want a woman, man up. You don’t have to be an ass. You can have integrity. In fact, we’ll value you that much more. But you do have to man up. No woman wants to procreate with a whiny ass incapable helpless little boy. You can’t beat biology.

  6. wondergirl is telling the truth, it is just how women are, never show any weakness they will only use it as weapon at some point, classic female manipulation.they wail about imaginary misogyny Yet you know that men are the ones who are dehumanized.Your love for women is not returned in the same way, you have been deluded, their selfishness is hardwired . When you grasp this you can rationally understand your interactions with them. Do not be angry, it just is, they are for pleasure and procreation, proceed with caution. A great blog is The Rational Male to help guide, I wish I had this resource when I was young, pure of heart and naive in my world view.

  7. Ya all need Jesus! The American man is hyperjudged, underappreciated & can do no right in the eye of the American female. Its quiet a mess. The American woman is waaaaay entitled. Now ladies, I agree there is TOO many MEAT HEAD American “men”, but your punk selves keep falling for them! Just heard some lady wanted to marry FREAKING CHARLES MANSON!!!! Daughters of eve you seem to be lost!!!, and you will be lost until you show honor to your men. Reward the good nice – which are strong- in my opinion- men, instead of falling for the players & bad guys…otherwise you will continue to complain & be miserable & yes single.

  8. P.S It seems women in us are not in their God designed role, they should noy completely dominate the guy, its not their design. Thats why many women are unhappy. Guys should not give up their voice & be a door matt( this os not to say the guy should be a control freak) but when it comes to big decisions the guy should have leadership opinion etc. Guys also need to be responsible have purpose & goals, that will make the woman secure.

  9. As a Racist and a man who will always speak my mind I find it refreshing that a woman will finally POST this. I’ve been married 3 times and divorced. My wives loved me and I LOVE them. And I God damned gave my wives beatings when ever she frustrated me. BUT trust me they loved it when I did. Why? Because a woman loves a strong male who may harm her as well as can protect her. My divorces weren’t even about no beatings either. I beat my current girlfriend and she LOVES it. Part of being a man is never to hold yourself back and to always be yourself. Some would like to call me an a**hole or whatevers, but point is I’m never weak, EVER. I will bash my gf’s head in if thats what it takes to tell her I love her but shes frustrating me.

    I will beat weak guys and yes I will beat my lovers, even the most petitest women.

  10. @Wyfebeater repent you are on your way to Hell!!! Hell wont be a 100 years either, it would be for eternity. NOT my words!!! Blessings to you all.

  11. Tb joshua can help you all, especially the author of this article & wyfebeater.

  12. Gamers don’t oppose the SJW agenda because they are bigots; they oppose it because it’s annoying.
    Find the required article and select ‘edit’ from the right of the title.

    Then you will be able to begin composing your article.

  13. Wyfebeater, your desire to take your anger on the weaker sex is what makes you weak.

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  15. All I know is that dominant females turn me on. Nothing worse than a woman who says “what do YOU want to do, honey?” That’s bullshit. When a woman asks that, she already knows what she wants, but she has fun manipulating you. Just say what you want the first time, and I’ll follow.

    Just say “we’re going here to eat” or “we’re going to do this tonight”. You don’t need my input – I’m here to serve and satisfy you. You have the vagina, you make the rules. Enough denying it already. Oh, and stop with the please and thank you. When you want something, I’d rather hear “Philip, get me glass of water” followed by “good boy”. Be in control – it’s what men need to be better.

  16. Lol, Philip Philip! Feminism worked on you eh. I kinda of doubt you are a guy, you might be an imposter female. To the contrary, a strong leader is what women need to be better. Women are never happy when they have to lead all the time….the reason is simple. It was not designed to be that way.

  17. I agree with Philipp. I like dominant women also. So what ? And I am not a woman. Well.., but women dont like to lead. I agree with that. Most dont like submissive guys.

  18. Spontaneous reactions are the soul of my business. Yes, no woman wants a wimp but being a totally effeminate makes the boat captainless and that’s bad for business . Threat her fuck ups squarely and don’t be clingy about inconsequentials. Insightful blog but not to be swallowed hook, line and sinker.

  19. I don’t get it. Ill stand up for myself but if I don’t know what I want to eat how does that make me weak? Maybe im seeing what your taste is? There’s so many choices in the world and just because one time I don’t feel like deciding im considered weak. Fine bitch be that way. Ill just beat your new boyfriends ass in the parking lot of whatever restaurant he chooses.

  20. Feminism demanded men stop being assertive and aggressive and created a generation of emasculated wussies who only know how to pander to women and suck up to them. Now women are complaining there are “no good marriageable men” and “men need to step up”.

    Men are just trying to figure out what the heck is expected of them and behave in a way that is pleasing to women, because ultimately most men simply want to please women so they can be with them.

    I think men need to stop LISTENING to women when they say what they want in a man because clearly women have NO IDEA what they want. Men should ignore ALL feminists and their unbelievable theories about men and laugh list of demands, behave like real men, and tell people who criticize them where they can go fly.

    Like a real man would.

  21. lol agree with you insidious_sid ….also keep in mind ladies that have only known abuse (doesn’t have to be physical) could be verbal etc…don’t know how to receive love..they look like deer looking at a head light. This lady is responding in a mean degrading manner because that is the only thing she knows. She needs to get someone who is a real jerk to be happy but then its bound not to last because he will either beat the crap out of her her or disfigure her beyond recognition. So the only hope for people like this lady is, to really understand themselves by going to therapy (not joking) then make healthy decisions once they become healthy emotionally or work on being healthy. When a person knows the truth ( why they think a certain way) then they can become free. As the good book says ” The truth (that you know) shall set you free”.

  22. I absolutely enjoyed this because it’s something I’ve struggled with for a while now. I used to be tougher and more of an asshole in my youth but as I got older I “matured” into kind of a twinkie. I am exactly what this author talks of: “good guy” and “weak”. I was very hurt when the last woman I dated dumped me but I can tell her mentality is exactly what this writer felt, and this is largely what I’m encountering in my romantic life now. I don’t know how to change all this, but women have not been honest with me about this perception I do not think so it is kind of nice to hear it blatantly and bluntly.

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  24. easy to say terminate rations but feel ::) ngs invol ed so go easy guys. definetly not good when they insult you so badly.

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  28. Being a bisexual man II honestly love the blunt honesty of this post. It is however also why I prefer men to women. Men are typically but not always more willing to accept your flaws. A woman? If she’s even a 4 out of ten in the attractiveness scale…then flaws can hurt you. And they will if they convey weakness

  29. This message is not even worth your time reading. It is so laughable, the writer’s IQ is to be pitied.

  30. Honesty is always appreciated. So let me be honest with you. We live in 2015 ce not 2015 bce. Your opinion because that’s what this rant is, is antiquated and primitive. Although, I can see many women sharing your opinion those are the women I actively try to avoid. There are no facts to back up you hypothesis, just a couple of definitions taken out of context. You are looking at it from the perspective of a young girl. But here is couple of facts for you:
    1: That our genes have two purposes survive and reproduce. Men and women have different reproductive strategies. Male genes want to ensure that their genes are passed on through proliferation, while female genes ensure their ensure reproduction through the health and physicality of their mates.
    2: when women give birth they are extremely vulnerable to both disease and predation, which is why back in the past having a physically strong male was essential for the survival of a woman’s offspring.
    But here is the thing. We are no longer hunter gatherers and our population has reached its peak. We have children not because we have to but because we want to. You as a woman are no longer compelled to rely on a man to survive. You are no longer required to barter your sexuality in order to survive. And we men are free to be who we are without the judgement of hypocritical women.

  31. Geez, that’s unilabevlbee. Kudos and such.

  32. I have reread this article again and guess what, I know of many MANY men who USE TO BE like she is describing but what happened was, there came a point in the 1980s or even before this, when too many women turned on their decisiveness, saying “HE IS SO CONTROLLING”, taking him to the cleaners lock stock and barrel, so NOW those men’s sons SEE what happened by being decisive, assertive. They now go about their own business staying out of the way of too may out-of-control likely chemically unbalanced females while more and more eventually searching for a lady outside of North America. This is a catastrophe! In the workplace it’s the same thing…get into an office where there’s many women, try and concentrate on work while a subset of them yack, insult, gossip, whine everyday. I get along with them but on THEIR terms. Conclusion, show a bit of gentility by first zipping up your mouths that always have to be right, and then watch more men start to talk again. Empirical evidence is ALL over the TV, radio, music videos, schools, etc. to prove this point.

  33. Lol what a pile of shit this article is. Many different types of girls like different types of guys. This moron might speak for herself but not all women. I myself have been indecisive at times but will beat most men to a pulp. Being indecisive doesn’t make you weak. Being an asshole doesn’t make you strong. Truly confident and tough men don’t have to go around telling people and acting such.

    I’m a fit strong good looking guy and can tell you that most girls will like you if you are friendly, good personality and fit, smart etc. Not because how ” tough ” or ” soft ” one is.

    Problem is too many self entitled bitches want everything on their terms. Superficial bitches think a relationship is 90 percent to 10 percent in their favor. It’s why so many of them and the author included wonder why they’re single.

    Enjoy getting rammed by guys who use you like a piece of meat then discard you hahaha.

  34. It’s a new year, and since I we received Gee’s comment, again I found myself reading this article for the 3rd time…the article clearly states that she believes all women want men to be at least decisive, plus more that spells the traditional man like my father and his entire generation AND my Grandfathers’ too. BTW, I was 37 when my Grandfather whom I was incredibly close to passed away and so I knew him as well as Dad. He lived across our backyard. Now, Ms Author, BOTH men were thee providers while their wives had children and kept immaculate homes AND were highly respected in the town of 6,000. The key factor of why these 2 men were decisive, is because when they married ~ 20 years of age, their entire generation of men DID NOT HAVE TO COMPETE FOR THEIR IDENTITY AS MEN and PROVIDERS IN THEEEE WORKPLACEEE > get it?! And, at home, this was the wifes’ IDENTITY where the husbands/fathers did not infringe upon this. Neither party got up in the morning and quarreled over who does this or who does that. They followed Nature’s course of Laws. More over, the babies/children were breast fed, nurtured, reared by the PARENTS and Grandparents siblings chipped in. NOT pro-female GOVERNMENTS like today and employment equity or affirmative action. Point being Author, U obviously R tiring of weak men BUT you fail to even hint as to why so many males have gradually become mousy. When females started competing with us for their God-like CAREERS while taking over Human Resource offices screening who is to be hired, their is the cause of indecisiveness. There are young men today who see women around them so cocky and having their own Independence through MONEY, they veer away and now accept MGTOW. Men never disrupted females’ identity in trying to somehow make science get them pregnant to bear children, or raise them full-time in the early years. We still HAVE TO somehow get a decent JOB while your gender has ~ 50% of them, at least in America. This is Truth, so I’d suggest ASK droves of men what is going on inside THEIR MINDS while, if you can, BE QUIET and listen! What you will find across all ages, are men saying “Western females are not women, wives, mothers anymore. THEY have changed over 5 decades and not us. There, I showed not only BALLS but Empirical Evidence, Truth, facts! Oh, I have know women like you and even saw some as mothers growing up, and even your type of women had children, breast fed, were domesticated and yet take those same types of women and place them in today’s society, and they would ALL be feminists. That F-word IS the root cause of why so many men behave as we do. And this is not whining as the control of the workplace lies in the human resource office whether it be government or private sector. Hells bells, even all babies have no choice when born whether they want so called Mom to breast feed then nurture thanks to her DAMN Career. And do not say, oh but we have no choice OH YES YOU DO because if YOU stop going after men and go after your own gender of feminist liberated women, then you would see more of the men make a comeback.

  35. jojn mccoll mcluskey

    Wednesday, 6th January 2016 at 3:22 AM

    F*k i’m tired so excuse me if this be a little whack.Personally i have had no relationship at all during the last 20yrs(prime)of my life primarily down to the fact i have been homeless,and the only women i have spoken to in that time have been paid in some form to speak to me.(care workers etc)now imagine going thru some of the worst situations a person can go thru and add to that the complete indifference of woman(who formerly was the greatest consolation!)because i have not been working or even mixing socially.So my punishment for choosing to be repossessed?is my complete alienation from that very thing that makes life worth living ie love and loving like a life sentence but with a silent verdict!…Imagine fair people how i feel about this!that because womens culture is stronger with solidarity means they all move in unison and know in unity so the exceptions or rebels are in these uncertain times virtually non existent!….imagine the sense of injustice at not once being offered the hand of mercy or kindness by these people watching my plight and enjoying it!…if this is the way women have always been,and i suspect they have not changed much since the cave,then they are genuinly to be pitied,and unfortunately they may have made the worst enemy they could not imagine,an enemy without mercy,for they have shown none,and who has the eloquence and influence to send them back to the same caves they have never really left!.yours vengefully John.

  36. Completely wrong and indicative of delusional thinking from the large number of low IQ women.

    Good men are actually strong because they have moral fortitude and are secure in their strength.

    Weak men are insecure and have no moral fortitude, thus they need to try and dominate others and feel strong by hurting others, period, end of story.

  37. What a croc of $hit this article is. An empty rant from a spoiled brat with the oh so common entitlement complex. Guess what luv, I don’t give a rats ass what you want in a man. Pity the poor sod that gets involved with you because you will have him tormented, bitch’n and whinin’ about what you want. Yes we get it, he is there to serve you, to make you feel sexy, to make you feel safe, to take the burden of decision making off your pretty little head so you can worry about important stuff like when to get your nails done or what colour to do your hair this month. But damn, if he should not have a particular meal in mind so that you don’t have to think about it, well now that would be a feckin tragedy.

  38. And another thing. Men like strong women too. And by that I mean Those who have a backbone and are not afraid to work without piss’n and moaning all the time. After all what man wants a weak feeble air head by his side when life gets tough. The best women are the ones who like the company of men and are not afraid to get their hands dirty but still have a feminine face and figure and a smile that gladdens the heart. Pity there are so few of them about.

  39. Huh … when a girl dishes men it’s all good . very enlightening article and all that . When there’s posts by a man dishing women, you come with long ass arguments saying it’s not true just like the dudes in this post are doing . Reality ? Just a bunch of apes trying to prove they superior to one another cause that’s all their good at . Men and Women are all the same equally disgusting , evil and fucked. Only women look better.

  40. I dated a guy that was ‘weak’ it was like he was so afraid of doing or saying the “wrong” things that he was scared to be himself! I realized he would just agree with everything I said, change his views and opinions to match mine, i planned every date and activity, sex was god awful he was unsure and hesitant every step of the way (and no he wasn’t a virgin) the what do you want for dinner thing isnt much on its own but combined with everything else it’s just another example of them being so insecure they won’t even give an opinion on simple things for fear of being wrong?judged? I don’t really know. You almost want to help build their confidence but pity and hoping to change someone isn’t a foundation for a relationship; someone who needs their hand held through life just isn’t attractive

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  42. Question:
    What kind of man was Jesus Christ? Asshole or weak since He never fought back and got pushed around until being nailed to a cross? Even though He was not with a woman nevertheless, He was still a man.

  43. Chickens will roost

    Thursday, 14th April 2016 at 9:27 AM

    J. Harmony, the only situation that Jesus is believed to have not fought back that I know of was being arrested and crucified. Other than that however I don’t recall him getting pushed around much. He got rather testy himself when he cleansed the temple, Matthew 21 tells this story. If you believe the Infancy Gospel of Thomas correct, a young Jesus also blinded someone out of spite. So yeah, Jesus it’s debatable if Jesus was the type of man described here.

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