Women do not like Weak Men (Period, end of story!)


Fellas, if you have used this argument: “I’m a good dude; problem is chicks don’t want a good man.” Chances are you have convinced yourself that GOOD is a nice way of saying what you really are-WEAK.

Now, not all good men are weak but a majority of them are and they think that is the reason why they get -ished on. While it is true that most women like a guy with a little bit of asshole in him (it shows that he can’t be pushed around and will cause a ruckus if need be) we don’t really want the bad guy. We settle for the bad guy ’cause he has stronger legs to stand on than the nice (translation: weak guy). With the bad guy you know what he is about.

Let’s define weakness:





Middle English weike, from Old Norse veikr; akin to Old English w?can to yield, Greek eikein to give way, Sanskrit vijate he speeds, flees


14th century

1: lacking strength: as a: deficient in physical vigor : feeble , debilitated b: not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain c: not able to resist external force or withstand attack d: easily upset or nauseated <a weak stomach>

If you are a weak man chances are you are:

  • Passive
  • Indecisive

Passiveness isn’t that big a deal if every now and then you call someone out (to their face) and speak your mind when a limit is reached. Who wants a punk ass man?

The real killer is indecisiveness.

If you are indecisive (“I don’t know what I want for dinner, honey what do you want for dinner?”) your woman will lose all respect for you.

Once you have lost her respect, you have lost her!

If you look at the traditional way of things men were the hunters and women the nurturers. Women still want to take care of a man who can take care of them, a man who can make decisions. As women, we don’t have to agree but it’s nice to know that your man has a vision, a goal, a road he is set on, a plan of attack.

In the great cheestastic sci-fi flick, Species, the lead character is this alien-human woman who is on the search for a man to impregnate her. She breaks free from her government lab and hits the streets, giving her ass to any man she finds.

But, there is a catch. With her super aliens senses she can tell if her prospective mate is weak. If he is weak, she kills them.

This poor guy had diabetes. (LMAO!)

Like her, I too wish that sometimes I could off a weak ass dude, tie cement blocks to his feet and send him to the bottom of the ocean. Trust, ┬áthat would be much easier than telling him to his face “You are a punk and you need to grow some balls.”

Ladies, let’s not fool these men anymore. When you dumb a dude don’t say: “I think you are great guy but I am not ready for a relationship.”


“You are too bitch-like for me. Get some bass in your voice, make clear decisions and stick to them without my input. Oh and while you at it, treat me like a lady you want, not a woman you need.”

There, I won’t even charge you for that. Take it, say it and hopefully you can save a man’s life.

- SG

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  1. You are so cool! I do not believe I’ve read through a single thing like this before.
    So nice to discover someone with unique thoughts on this topic.

    Seriously.. thaank you for starting this up. This site is something that is required on the internet,
    someone with a little originality!

  2. This is complete bullshit. You are describing a narrow, childish and primitive point of view. A girlfriend is not going to lose respect for her boyfriend if he can’t decide what he wants for dinner. The type of women being described are absolute bitches. Actually, women that hold these values are not women at all, they are weak, gossiping LG’s.(most likely sluts) If these girls want a asshole guy they deserve all the horrible things he’ll put her through. Whats being said is, women don’t want a man that is as weak as them, (pull some of your own weight). Even the most nastiest, manliest, physically strong females. I see weakness in them that is not present in the average man. Its hard to be a male in society. we are told to be nice and not aggressive. But when someone mistreats us we are weak or passive because we look the other way. if we defended our selves we have to deal with severe consequence. As for indecisiveness, they’re is just to many options.

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