Women do not like Weak Men (Period, end of story!)


Fellas, if you have used this argument: “I’m a good dude; problem is chicks don’t want a good man.” Chances are you have convinced yourself that GOOD is a nice way of saying what you really are-WEAK.

Now, not all good men are weak but a majority of them are and they think that is the reason why they get -ished on. While it is true that most women like a guy with a little bit of asshole in him (it shows that he can’t be pushed around and will cause a ruckus if need be) we don’t really want the bad guy. We settle for the bad guy ’cause he has stronger legs to stand on than the nice (translation: weak guy). With the bad guy you know what he is about.

Let’s define weakness:





Middle English weike, from Old Norse veikr; akin to Old English w?can to yield, Greek eikein to give way, Sanskrit vijate he speeds, flees


14th century

1: lacking strength: as a: deficient in physical vigor : feeble , debilitated b: not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain c: not able to resist external force or withstand attack d: easily upset or nauseated <a weak stomach>

If you are a weak man chances are you are:

  • Passive
  • Indecisive

Passiveness isn’t that big a deal if every now and then you call someone out (to their face) and speak your mind when a limit is reached. Who wants a punk ass man?

The real killer is indecisiveness.

If you are indecisive (“I don’t know what I want for dinner, honey what do you want for dinner?”) your woman will lose all respect for you.

Once you have lost her respect, you have lost her!

If you look at the traditional way of things men were the hunters and women the nurturers. Women still want to take care of a man who can take care of them, a man who can make decisions. As women, we don’t have to agree but it’s nice to know that your man has a vision, a goal, a road he is set on, a plan of attack.

In the great cheestastic sci-fi flick, Species, the lead character is this alien-human woman who is on the search for a man to impregnate her. She breaks free from her government lab and hits the streets, giving her ass to any man she finds.

But, there is a catch. With her super aliens senses she can tell if her prospective mate is weak. If he is weak, she kills them.

This poor guy had diabetes. (LMAO!)

Like her, I too wish that sometimes I could off a weak ass dude, tie cement blocks to his feet and send him to the bottom of the ocean. Trust,  that would be much easier than telling him to his face “You are a punk and you need to grow some balls.”

Ladies, let’s not fool these men anymore. When you dumb a dude don’t say: “I think you are great guy but I am not ready for a relationship.”


“You are too bitch-like for me. Get some bass in your voice, make clear decisions and stick to them without my input. Oh and while you at it, treat me like a lady you want, not a woman you need.”

There, I won’t even charge you for that. Take it, say it and hopefully you can save a man’s life.

- SG

151 Responses to “Women do not like Weak Men (Period, end of story!)”

  1. Oh and i want to tell you all of one other movie. but first i want to make clear that just because women are heartless doesnt mean men arent jackasses. so im not saying that one gender is BETTER than the other im saying that woman MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION to go out with a jackass whereas a man is usually dating a bitch because he HAS FALLEN for shallow looks. its not consciously wanting a bitch. SO HERE IS THE 2ND MOVIE THAT SHOWS HOW WOMEN IN A MARRIAGE ARE AND SHOULD BE SHOWN IN ALL COLLEGE MARRIAGE AND FAMILY COURSES, THE MOVIE IS…….A Happy Event. WATCH THAT MOVIE AND YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO GET MARRIED AGAIN!!!!

  2. I can vouch for most of this article. I mean, as a man I also need to admit I am not looking for women who are fat and ugly or dumb. I don’t even want to date mediocre ones except when I would be desperate and need some confidence boost.

    I have to admit it’s sad that in this modern society our brains are still thinking like this, yet we can’t do anything about it, except fool ourselves.

    Though I do have to say this; I’ve had serious relationships with women way taller than me, who also happened to have a very nice physique and mind. I’m a bit below average in height.

    I noticed it’s mainly about being confident and showing this, but I noticed that having either other things like good looks, intelligence, humour, and even integrity can be decisive in getting good-looking women.

    P.S. Both men and women are ‘assholes’ for just looking for appearance and prestige.

  3. All men are weak. They constantly need the affection/approval of a woman to feel like a man, to kill to feel power and to destroy to feel a purpose.

    Men need to harm life to feel like god and they snap over the smallest sense that they might not have all the power the “deserve.”

    All men are weak, they shouldn’t be anything more than sperm banks and then never dealt with again.

  4. Women r lyk da opposite of every man n r very fragile yet cn keep up in bad situations but sumtys fail 2 realize da blessng dats up ahead of dem.
    Dats y in sum sociaties women gain power over weak men

  5. “Like her, I too wish that sometimes I could off a weak ass dude, tie cement blocks to his feet and send him to the bottom of the ocean.”

    You’re right, we should despise all people who were unfortunate enough to have a fucked up past/upbringing, which made them “weak” (in your shallow understanding of this word). It’s their own fault for being born and brought up in the circumstances they did, amirite?

    You’re a disgusting, sociopathic whore.

  6. lulzer said,
    “You’re right, we should despise all people who were unfortunate enough to have a fucked up past/upbringing, which made them “weak” (in your shallow understanding of this word). It’s their own fault for being born and brought up in the circumstances they did, amirite?”

    You are making one mistake about what she means, we should only despise” men”, not all people who were unfortunate enough to have a fucked up past/upbringing. That type of upbringing will have a very measurable, negative effect on lifetime earnings, statistically If he can’t break out of the cycle then he is a piece of shit. Remember any weakness in men is despicable to women, do not ever buy the please open up line from them, they will use it eventually against you.You have to be always on and in charge, they will resent your oppressive patriarchal attitude but that is better than the disgust at any sign of human weakness.

  7. Wow what a cunt!

  8. Lindsay likes to shove bowling balls in her asshole. She’s mad because she can’t get a man because she prolly weighs 500 pounds and her snatch smells like the Boston fish market during a summer day.

  9. Lisa, you said it so perfectly. There is so much confusion nowadays about the “roles” between the sexes which only lead to more division between the sexes. But I am sure that things will slowly turn around for the better, but it will take a while. All we men (and women) can do is focus on improving ourselves for ourselves only. Dont try to impress the opposite sex or family members because you will only find yourself even more frustrated. Men and women need to think for themselves! These so called “bad boys” who go through extreme measures to be an asshole are nothing but herd following sheep. NOW THAT IS WEAKNESS! PERIOD!! END OF STORY!!!

  10. And another thing too is that a lot men in this country are subconsciously molded from childhood to be pussified and then later get their asses severely emotionally beaten for it. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT!!??

  11. the problem is with women and i dont give a fuck what they and lindsay have to say. you can tell these bitches are just feminist man hating cunts and why? they tried to emasculate men for years and then they turn around and talk about men not being strong. then when men are strong they complain bc they dont have power. HERES A CLUE BITCHES QUIT THE FUCKING DADDY ISSUES AND PENIS ENVY AND QUIT BEING SUCH IGNORANT TWATS WHO DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND SHIMMY BACK AND FORTH TELLING MEN WHAT YOU FUCKING EXPECT OUT OF THEM. YOU ARE THE REASON MEN ARE FUCKED UP. YOUR HATRED FOR THEM. YOUR GODDAMN LAZINESS IN WORKING OUT A RELATIONSHIP. YOUR STUCK UP ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE WHERE A MAN IS JUST A WORKHORSE TO BUY YOU THINGS. YOU, YOU, YOU ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM. YOU ARE THE WEAK SACKS OF SHIT. DEAL WITH IT!!!!! :) :) :)

  12. :)

  13. another thing is this. guys dont spend your time trying to do everything right and be perfect thinking some girl will appreciate it or love you or whatever because listen the minute these twats dump your ass they will find there nearest asshole and they will give him 10x the love she ever gave you . and when he discards her like a piece of trash she will pine away like a twat for months on end. womens hearts are worthless so dont waste your soul on them. treat them the way they desire you to treat them–like fucking trash


    Wednesday, 17th April 2013 at 7:23 PM

    Nowadays women are very superficial and shallow. They are looking for perfect men while they are far from perfect.
    Women of today have become ridiculous sluts.
    Sorry but that’s the way it is.

  15. i totally agree with you MANWHOLIKES , i could understand if a woman wanted a good man and when she went out with a good guy he changed and he was mean or this and that. But its the opposite. Woman act like cary on sex and the city prancing around town downing all men when her stuck up tastes and need for money and assholes leaves her bangin every guy in town as she “looks for the one” but the thing is that they portray nowadays the one as being a rich ,assertive, authoritarian, good looking prick and that is exactly what i see women wanting so when poor kind hearted guys ask them out they say “hes not man enough, hes not strong enough” or basically ” he isnt rich and doesnt act like a dick i want a man that acts like a dick that is what is manly”. so i feel no pity on these women i actually hate them because they destroy guys lives. do you know how many single guys i know who have hearts of gold but no woman will give them a chance either because they dont have a good job, slightly balding, etc etc. but listen in the end they dont win :) they end up 35 and divorced as her looks fall to pieces and she cant manipulate anyone anymore.

  16. wow the responses! The same thing that makes a man weak makes a woman weak..their character and frame of thinking. Im pretty sure all you strong people had to start somewhere. What about fear? does that not also make a person weak? too scared to leave that abusive husband? or too scared to stand up to your controlling jealous wife?a passive spouse childhood or relationship issues causes men to be weak and the biggest one is PRIDE men let PRIDE be their worst enemy. I personally would want to be next to a man who would not let life or pride get into the way.

  17. I am surrounded by weak men and it makes me sick to see this happening. I do not agree with a man being submissive (yes dear). The minute you start this you start to get weak and broken. I refuse to give in and be broken. I will be free and strong to the end like a wild stallion.

  18. bullshit. i love weak men. they let me lead.

  19. Ever thought that maybe you are single because you’re a bitch?

  20. Luckily for me, I discovered that a few years ago. I’m still working on the basso in the voice, though!

  21. boy, is this article wrong…. those ”tough guys” are the ones that are weak, they need that TOUGH GUY act to cover it up. but the nice guys don’t need such things. the bad-boys get everything served on a silver platter, and always getting their way. but. the good guys however, have to work for they want, and we they get into trouble, they pay for it. now pay attention, because this is where it all breaks down. the good guy can handle it because he IS strong, but when the bad-boy finally has to answer for the crimes he’s committed, he’s so used to getting off Scott free and always getting whatever he wanted, that he folds. why do you think so many become homosexuals? it’s because these ”bad-boys” can’t take it. so they go to another man for comfort. this is the real world.

  22. I agree. When my woman doesn’t know what to make for dinner, I say I want you for dinner and fling her over my shoulder, throw her unto the bed, and I feast on her muffin! Later, after I get out the shower, steak and potatoes awaits me, served by a woman with a very pleased smile on her face. Long live the woman that appreciates a man of action!

  23. Stupid post. Weak are those who are afraid to look weak, I don’t care if I’m perceived as passive for not beating someone’s ass, violence begets violence. Plus who would want to Impress a whore that musters this form of thought? This bitch can’t ever truly unconditionally love a man judging by how selfish she sounds.this is a one reason why I don’t open doors for hoes or treat them the same as a good hearted lady.

  24. You need therapy!! Seriously!

  25. Bad / Evil always looses!! Eventually
    Good/ Love always wins eventually and many times instantly! Baby girl trust me. The father of all bad asses is the devil. The devil, his angels demons, his followers ( knowingly or unknowingly) which you seem to love, by the way, they all loose eventually. Its just a matter of time. All evil doers eventually pay and loose. If not in this life they pay in hell. Unless ofcourse they turn good and repent and make peace with God. Then even if they had consequences from their bad action ultimately they win as they have turned good. Trust me thats how life is. You may say well I know a lot of people who get away with doing bad/evil. And I say they dont getaway with it as sure as everyone dies one day…all unrepentant evil doers pay for their deeds!!! Pay attention its a life principle like the law of gravity and many other laws of nature. Peace and love to you all.

  26. Thanks ! You’ve resolved a mystery for me.
    I’m weak.. and unfortunately because my parents did not knew how to up-bring a child. They’ve always kept me fearful as a child & so I’m today. Irrespective of how hard I try, I’m never able to overcome certain things. I’m in late 20s now.. still unmarried.. and left out of any desire to do so. They’re usually worried but never understood why I’m like this :( Great on part of all women who can speak the truth and save a man’s life.

  27. The post suggests a shallow and judgemental person who I am assuming cannot find a suitable man. It’s not actually the fault of the man if you have bigger balls than he does.

    You do raise some good points though but they are lost in seemingly shallow expectations. An example is in the passive and indifferent section. It seems that the things you want a man to be assertive about (e.g. dinner) are things most men are probably not that concerned about. You could be an alpha male business executive and leave the choice to the woman because you are more concerned with running your company. To lower oneself down to such trivial affairs without good reason suggests a weak mind and not the other way around.

    There is one slight problem. Women think they have the upper hand in relationships. They do, for a time. The problem is that the power dynamics shift for many woman in later life. A woman stops being attractive as she loses her breeding capacity whilst men do not. If men gain better life skills, worldly knowledge and financial acumen then they become an attractive source of security for the women. In the end these men (who once may have been considered weak) hold all the cards. They now choose and not you.

    Bear these in mind.

  28. This is the same part of me which still, more frighteningly than ever, findsit “at least” phenomenally if not noumenally impossible not to lament, forinstance, that Dr. I am pretty much convinced after 50 years of doing this, that doves see movement more than they see colors. Where spincast reels are recommended for children and beginners, a spinning reel is popular with experienced fishers.

  29. HUH !!
    I think I read on 4 separate messages women are whores, women sleep about, women are sluts……

    But it’s ok for men to do that with a pat on the back, it’s about time women did too, no wonder some of us women have got men issues, for that very reason alone, psssssst

  30. Every single last word of it was the absolute honest truth. A weak man is in no way a man that is desired by anyone. The problem is, I think the media is at fault for portraying women who want sensitive new age guys. No, we want MEN not WOMEN. If we wanted pussies, we’d become lesbians. Hallelujah sister, I’m thinking of slapping the shit out of my guy for dedicating to me a song from the Script.

  31. Fuck everything I’m done the world is soft. I’m a very weak man I’ve never had a real relationship before. I just cant relate to anyone most likely I will die alone. No-one ever gave a fuck about me a deformed person growing up. All my life I’ve gotten FAKE love FAKE friends and fackness all my life. Fuck the world and all the fakes. My soul is weak my spirit is weak no girlfriend or even friends. I should kill myself but dont want to go to hell. Even though I’ve been living in it all my life and probably will for the rest of my time.

  32. Frankly, this article seems wrong but in tune with this century.

    I was also very fearful throughout my childhood coz of parents and some things still haunt me. I never found a girl for me.

    I have enough balls to stand up and build the good things. I’ve been living like hell where I work my ass off.. I have that job too.. But there is just too much of hooligans everywhere. I don’t know what to do. I can’t beat them up coz I’m built that way physically.. I look for some trainers who can help me build but never successful. I can’t shoot them either if I do that I’m behind the bars and not sure if we gain anything.. You kill one there may be more.

    The author seems correct, though might be morally questioned by some. Girls need security.. they want to be with someone who could give them a very good social life. They’d really be the queen of the society they are living and for that, they’d be ready to be a servant to that one guy.

    They love it to settle with bad guys (not the criminals etc), because that way life is fun. Bad guys here means those who get into the immoral but nasty/naughty stuff.. without breaking law to the extent where they’re convicted.

    The good guys want to help others.. want to see people be at peace… want to work hard for family. but then that doesn’t make him attractive or fun to be with. I’m just one of them.

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  37. You are evil.

  38. Lol@ anonymous & I agree that shes evil. Haha

  39. You have to have website or blog to start adsense. Right?

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  41. Darkness does not like light. Evil wont like good. If the author doesnt like good, according to formula above she is evil or has evil in her. Btw demons & the devil are evil…why would anyone want to have anything in common with the devil.? Ahhh…..may be they opened their heart to evil or the devil or demons…may be. I am just saying :)

  42. If you choose to operate on an animal level of thought which about 60% of the worlds population do then this article is 100% right .

    Again basing your mating habits of a heartless hybrid reptilian may not be the most logical of choices. Primitive evolutionary psychology did not create science , music, art, literature and send us to the moon. That stuff comes from a higher level of consciousness.

    The Hatred for BETA men is very evident within this article, despite the fact you would not even have a website if it was not for beta men.Computers wouldn’t exist.

    Not all women are like this , many have evolved passed the animal brain which unfortunately is going to result in the destruction of our planet if we don’t snap the fuck out of it. Truly hell on earth.

    Society cannot function with a hatred for all men who don’t seem to mimic the top 10% of Alpha male qualities. over 6ft tall with giant dicks and a ruthless attitude towards life. Its hilarious .

    Women will eventually get their wish and all the dominant men in the world will exist. Just don’t think for one second that they will give a flying shit about your feminism and equality. You will be treated like cattle, your genitals mutilated and you will cry out for mercy for the kind sensitive men you have mocked. Just like on the costa concordia the men you mocked will no longer protect you but trample over you to save themselves.

    Remember men, with women like this you are dealing with dogs. and dogs without controlling owners are lost and unpleasant. so in order to enter a relationship with essentially an animal you must be dominant at all times. Ignore her feminist bullshit that demands she be in control because this is in direct contradiction to her primitive biological needs

  43. Haha. Agree with Dan! 1000% correct. Btw to the girl who wrote this…Men DONT LIKE UGLY SOUL like you! Thats probably why you are blogging in the SINGLE girl says. Emphasis on single!

    Side note, this poverty of thinking / messed up psyche,I believe , a way of thinking is of some sect in the American female who has a getho or horrible upbringing( dad was a mess so she doesnt know anything but a mess phenomena). If you see most foreign women or African women who came from a strong value oriented cultures are not victims to this thought process. They are good judges of character, & they are attracted to good personality as well as kindness ofcourse they also are attracted to men who have goals & men who value education…they despise all the hot air bravado…immorality etc….

  44. Benny

    This is unfortunately the kind of warped world we are living in now. But if you want to play within general society and its dating games, its dramas, its structured slave train of birth, school, job, mortgage, marriage, kids, death then it appears that men are having to adopt this kind of evolutionary drive to goals and “successes” which usually means having lots of cash and material garbage, being an over assertive nasty arse hole. when our society honored the biological role of men as the hunter /breadwinner like this article talks about, pretty much any man could fulfill this role, even if the man was weak as long as he could hold down a job n provide money he was a suitable mate

    Men of compassion have always been treated like shit though , they Hung Jesus on the cross after all . Our current me me me society is going to kill the planet and kill the human soul . Weak men are despised even if they are geniuses, or gifted people in other departments. If they don’t have that primitive caveman drive to conquest then women will not be attracted to them.

    If you are a man with a sensitive soul then this is going to be even more difficult to adapt to.

    Women now only want the top 10% of the men because feminism has made the majority of men obsolete, women no longer need provider men just the top alphas with a huge amount of money to be able to be dominant in today’s mad economy . So how can men with no cash be alpha ? Become a thug as simple as that, by developing those masculine violent traits they still attract women. So who now gets shit on in society ? Yup the majority of Beta hardworking men

  45. The hunt has never been richer for the hungry soul. Let her exercise her options, you’ll be the happier.

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  48. This is bullshit and heres why. I know plenty of strong guys (Spec Ops Army guys) who have been cheated on and destroyed by women like you, these guys are the definition of “strong”. How can these strong men be left because they are “weak” If a woman was attracted to strong men like them why would they do this? Heres a definition for you

    [soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-] IPA Syllables
    Examples Word Origin
    noun, Psychiatry.
    a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

  49. Its crazy, because my “girl” says the same thing. But she says it so condescendingly, Im becoming less attracted to her and am even thinking about letting her go. Im the type of guy who nips things in the bud before they get out of hand. She kinda reminds me of the woman who wrote this article. She thinks everybody owes her something and she constantly telling me how weak i am. My current situation prevents me from packing up and moving out at the moment, so im stuck. Its gotten so bad that we stopped having sex. I have a retaliatory mindframe to where as though im gonna surprise her and leave HER. She has major issues and me moving in with her DEFINITELY screwed things up. I despise all women like that. The ones who think they now everything..Fellas, if your girl tells you your weak and does it on almost a daily basis, LEAVE HER NOW! If she still says you are weak, tell her, “I was strong enough to leave your ass!!!” Plain and simple

  50. See that woman there? Take her; grab her. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Then get the hell out!

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