Men, Women only want you for your potential


Forget love.

People have convinced themselves that love is the moving factor when it come to relationships. Not true, especially in the case of women searching for a man.

Fellas, if you haven’t realized by now please take note:

Sure, women may be attracted to who and what you are presently but they are really thinking about what and who you can be in the future and how they can reap the benefits of the future you. We’ll call this the potential factor.

Guys, you can be making 60k a year at a mid-level job, renting your own apartment. You meet a woman, she learns of your current stats and within minutes she is brainstorming about how you will be making 90k a year, buying a house (that she helps pick out and decorate) and earning a promotion that will lead to a corner office.

Women love men who have the potential to earn, provide and accomplish more down the line. This is part of the reason why when a woman finds a man who is a diamond that needs polishing she brings a lot to the table early. She may spoil him, cook, sex him like crazy, things that show she is really there for him and locks her position in so when he does start climbing the ladder she is along for the trip.

The Potential Factor is also the reason why women nag the hell out of you men. When a woman sees you slipping, being lazy or taking missteps she will do what she can to help you get back on the track she thinks you are supposed to be on. Of course it’s not what you want to hear and it drives you crazy. You’re thinking she is really yelling about the garbage going out or your playing video games til 3am. No, she is getting on your cause about not being the man she knows you can be. Every woman has this life coach in her. We show it in different ways: sweet persuasion, hissy fits, reverse psychology.

No woman wants to be with a man who is a failure. In order to prevent this she will search for a man who has already accomplished a good deal on his own but needs a little love, support and fire under his behind to help him get to the top. It’s like the old saying, “I’m not where you at, its where you’re going.” The potential factor is also what makes it hard for women to move on. They’re thinking, “I’ll be damn if I leave and let another woman benefit from all the hard work and time I put into this man.”

Some men search for the potential factor as well. However, most of them believe in finding the woman they want forever on day one, who has time to act on faith and potential. “I want my perfect woman now!” is what some men say and that’s actually why they are never happy and single. Men don’t believe in waiting in seeing. They want it all right now. They want the way they meet a woman to be the way she is for the rest of their relationship. Men don’t take well to change so he’s less likely to accept a woman whose life changes drastically from the time they got together. Ladies, if you are working a simple 9-5, earning 45k and speak of wanting to be a wife and mother and taking care of home two years later your man is going to look at you crazy if you become a power hungry businesswoman, earning more than him and talking of hiring a nanny and housekeeper.

Fellas, think about this the next time you are on a first date giving her your stats. Take an unexpected pause and listen closely to see if you hear the gears in her head working overtime. She’s plotting your future before the first course arrives.

- SG


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  1. Great post! So true. When I meet a man from the very first encounter to the first conversation I’m analyzing what he’s saying about his life, career, family, as well as his likes and dislikes. As long as there are no immediate deal breakers, I put him into the potential category. I think it’s also important to know what you’re working with before you waste time and energy on someone you know will never be right for you despite what potential they may have.

  2. Shhhhhhhh! Giving away all our secrets and ish! Whats wrong with you! LOL!

  3. Make some solid points sg, but the line of nag and “life coach” is a thin one that is often crossed. That’s why we moved out of moms, if we want to play games or do whatever, that’s his choice, men move at our own speed, but it will get done, don’t project your time table onto the man, we will replace you, good men don’t want their moms, a woman who can nurture with a smile on her face will get what she wants.

  4. …..well finally this is something the sexes can agree on! 95% of my focus is on potential. I analyze your past decisions to forecast (yes i do work with budgets and numbers) if you’ll have the POTENTIAL to make the same good or bad decisions. etc.

    So while you over there looking into my eyes to see what you see…I’ve already done the math on you sweetie!!

  5. I wholly cosign Yung and Viral.

    Females have to learn that sometimes us men dont want a woman to act like our mom. Nagging a man will only turn him off. Too often i see women get with a dude and then when things dont run on their timetable they get upset. AS IF THE SIGNS ARENT THERE WHEN YOU FIRST GET WITH HIM. then when he replaces you, they’re hate on the next girl because she’s doing something they’re not.

    So this is why my ex told me she saw me in her life longterm…..hmph

    My thing is….if you cant ride with me now, what makes you think you’ll be here for the future?

  6. hummm…….. Is this true ladies??? cause i have came across so ladies that have been telling me some things now.

  7. It’s in our nature to want those things from a man. It speaks about it bodly in the bible, although I don’t know what these men today are thinking about. Some men say we ask for too much, but yet they want to call themselves men. When a man approaches me with those kinds of lines I tell him straight from the heart what’s on my mind. They can’t seem to handle what’s real about a relationship. Really ladies we need to stop faking it like we don’t know what’s going on from the first conversation with that new guy. Stop playing with these chumps and let them know what’s really going on.

  8. Interesting article. I suspect there are a lot of truths in it.

    I do agree that most men want the finished product now. So when a woman is yelling and nagging him (judging). Men instantly size a woman up and down. Then they think to themselves about every single insecurity that you have told him.

    Then he deems you unworthy to judge him. Then the fighting starts. I do believe that a lot of women to talk as if they are coming from that place.

    Either way. Its something to think about.

  9. Been there already with a woman who thought she would be the glamour girl of the neighborhood, financed by me. I eventually saw she wanted my wallet most of all, so I divorced her. Go sell yourself to some other chump that gets excited by what is on the outside. She was an abusive nag and a narcissist on the inside. Go make your own future financially. I am here for love that is for better or worse.

  10. People have convinced themselves that love is the moving factor when it come to relationships. Not true, especially in the case of women searching for a man.

    Ladies, if you haven’t realized by now please take note:

    Men only care about looks/appearence. If you can’t get our attention you are invisible. No succesful man will be with an overweight/ugly woman. Men don’t care how successful you think you are.

    So stop working on your personality, learn how to cook and get back on that treadmill.

  11. WHORE

  12. I am an extremely good lucking 25 year old man, and I do everything solo when it comes to dating. I will purposely allow a girl to get really interested in my at-face value, and I will almost laugh at how they will try to start a conversation that leads to an understanding of my prospects in the future. As soon as they ask me what I want to do in life, I will spin and say, “I don’t know”, hiddenly defiant of all the baggage that contains, and spin back around knowing full well what to expect. They instantly drop all that flirtatious interest they had. But it doesn’t bother me.. I’ve had my fill. I will not succumb to a world which requires a man to have a lot of money. Not with all these catch 22s. You can get good looks by living right, and that is the natural way. But money is an arbitrated path. Do not give in to it.

  13. so this article’s thesis that all women are basically whores. surprise surprise.

    “real whores” charge by the night or by the hour, and are on a short-term contract. for some reason they are shunned because of this.

    girlfriends/wives, other “respectables” simply have a more complicated financing structure. They give a down payment (all that ‘love”, sex, etc… early on) and expect to cash in proportionately more later on, just as one would when buying on margin.

    “Hurt feelings” over a breakup are no different than the feelings anyone has when an investment goes bad.

    Girls, if you use us as objects of money/status, we will use use as objects of sex.

    with that attitude, you ladies deserve to be lied to and disposed of when your value goes down (after the 6th sex session, at most). this would be the equivalent of a guy being unemployed, therefore… fair.

  14. Load of crap this shit smelled so bad I had to stop reading to try save your readers from this bullshit …

    Here is why:

    If you knew your own psychology you would know money (even looks) add up to a mere 5-10% of overall attraction.

    You should be fined for publishing this rubbish because all you are doing is enhancing media driven beliefs that you picked up all your life and not actually being the independent woman all claim to want to be………….

    Finally: Ladies, DO you really want to take dating advice from a woman who is SINGLE meaning no relationship yet claims to know anything on relationships ?.

    You’re loss if you do :)

  15. PS: I didn’t write that comment. Ignore it

  16. This article is very revealing. I applaud it’s brutal honesty.

    However, the article does beg the question:

    Instead of (deceptively) nagging, bitching, and withholding sex/affection for externalities…undone chores, video game playing, etc., that have nothing to do with the real issue, i.e., your not achieving enough to satisfy HER wants, why don’t women just be honest and say what’s really bugging them, i.e., you’re not achieving enough???

    It’s simple. In order to sit down like an ADULT and tell you the truth (instead of playing deceptive, frustrating games) would require HUMAN RESPECT.

    Also, women know if she sat there with you and said, “The reason I’m nagging and withholding sex and affection (or using it as a carrot on a stick) is you’re not producing enough, making enough money to satisfy my wants,” would expose her for the shallow, superficial, materialistic creature she really is.

    Men, take note. The author’s right. She doesn’t love or respect YOU. She’s only in love with what you can PROVIDE for her shallow, superficial materialistic “future.” Ever wonder why hard working married men say “it’s never enough? Now you know. You are and will always be nothing more than a utility, a plow horse in her eyes.

    So go ahead, get “sexed-up,” and fall for her believing she really loves you. Never mind what’s coming.

  17. I’ve experienced this firsthand. this sounds exactly like my ex wife who left me for a more muscular plow horse with higher earning potential.
    That ‘s the game of life man…whore or “respectables…” it’s no money no honey. Dr. Strangelove was right.
    Wish she had the courtesy to just come out and tell me i’m not earning as much as a potential suitor she had her sights on. Could have saved me the embarrassment of being labeled a “loser” or the mental anguish of me thinking that i am one. it degrades a person’s self-esteem. I can’t show my face in public. but i suppose that how society works in this economy. men don’t want to be labelled as a “loser who can’t provide and keep his woman in line” and women don’t want to be labelled as that “whore without integrity who’s only in it for the shallow, superficial, materialistic financial investment she can reap from her plow horse.” Love is a a game of pride and integrity that most people can’t afford to play in this struggling economy.
    Men are but drones in a beehive to die out working and protecting his queen. life seems unfair but that’s just the way nature intended it.
    Men, if you’re already old enough to have experienced your share of sex, don’t get greedy. The long term sacrifices are not worth the rationed affections she will give you. Believe me, she will make you work for it. Is that what you want? To die of stress and work for a woman who can potentially replace you without repercussions to herself? Just earn your money, eat, sleep, have fun and games, live a comfortable life at least you’ll die with your dignity intact and knowing you weren’t used as a plow horse that was replaced by a more productive one. I’m sure everybody knows the feeling of being replaced by a S.O. for someone better. The emotions involved in it can make a person do some crazy s*%t

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