The Girlfriend Bailout Plan (VIDEO)

Girlfriends speak to Congress about why moving in with their boyfriends just makes fiscal sense right now.

(STSG NOTE: There needs to be a colored girl verison. )

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  1. I LOVE this video (as well as a lot of other things from OnionNews)! Thanks for sharing this, it’s hilarious!

    I wonder what would happen if the nation’s girlfriends really did do that. LOL. I suppose the fathers of the nation would have their own televised appeal to make sure the new proposal wasn’t passed.

    And, what about the single girls? We single girls should get together and come up with our on bailout plan. Some kind of huge bonus if you’re single for a year or more…after all, we do pay for everything ourselves. :)

    About the “colored girl” version of this video…I’d sign up to be in it! That would also be hilarious!

  2. Whoever left that STSG Note, who really says “colored girls” anymore. That needs to be rephrased with African-American or Black. I guess ur not of color so that y u phrased it as such. Its 2009 those times are over!

  3. @Chocoglaze Actually, I am a woman of color, African-American to be exact. And yes, of course, I know that “colored” is not the correct term anymore; however, the only reason I used it was because the blogger herself (Says the Single Girl) used it in her blog. I was just referring to her terminology…hence the reason I put those words in quotes…did you read her post? I, too, did find it interesting that she chose that word choice. Why don’t you ask her why she used it?

  4. @Chocoglaze (again)…I thought you were referring to my comment as the “note”. Then, I saw the “STSG Note”…that’s what I was referring to in my comment. That’s just from the blogger…but I believe she is African American as well…

  5. The reason why I use “colored girls” is because I’m notjust referring to black women but all women of COLOR–asain, hispanic, mixed, etc.

    Colored Girls or Women of Color UNITE!

  6. I’ve been drinking. Excuse the typos.

  7. Thank you, The Single Girl, for clearing that up. I do feel that “Women of Color” sounds a lot better. Maybe instead you could have stated that you would like to see a version from women of all nationalities to view their outlook about the topic. I’m sure it all would have been interesting.

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