The Dirty, Stinking (Possibly Rotten) Truth

Smelly Cat

Manny has a problem.

He likes this girl but there’s one thing that is keeping him from going forward with her…wait for it…her vagina smells.

Manny describes her pre-shower odor as a mean combo of ass and fish. Post shower, Manny was puzzled to find that there was still an order. This time she smelled like “drool.”

“Drool?” I asked

“Yeah, like spit. I like my pussy like I like my Dove soap…unscented.”

I really felt for Manny, he is a great guy. Tall, dark and handsome. Smart, hella funny and talented. It just so happens that he is also super picky so whenever I hear that he’s dismissed a women it often is due to the silliest of things.

“She lives to far and doesn’t have a car.”

“She’s too light.”

“I know her friends.”

“She smokes cigarettes.”

This Manny is also the one who was the inspiration behind the “If Jesus Could Wife a Whore, Why Can’t You Wife a Lady with a Baby?”

I’ve been hearing about Ms. Smelly Snatch for weeks now. The topic always starts with her being at his place, them getting touchy feely and he not being about to seal the deal cause the first whiff of her makes him go limp.

She’s really feeling him and wants to know why he always flicks the “off” switch when they’re on the verge of getting it on.

“She wants to know why I’m not feeling her,” he tells me.

“What did you say?”

“I told her that I was always on the fence about us and just think we would be better suited as friends.”

“Really? You made all that up instead of telling her that her pussy smells.”

“You think I should tell her!”

“Hell yeah, tell her. She needs to know. Either she has a hygiene problem or a medical problem. Sit her stinking ass down and tell her the truth. You could be saving her life.”

“So, say I tell her and then what? I have to look her in the face.”

“Manny, you have to an adult on this one. Man up.”

“I don’t understand how telling a girl her pussy stinks is manning up.”

As adults, there comes a time when we must be the barer of bad news and say the things that no one wants to hear, but needs to. Telling someone you are interested in that they smell not only helps you out, it helps them. Of course no woman wants to hear that her cat trap really smells like cat. No man wants to hear that his dick is small either, but the truth is the truth.

In Manny’s case, he’s dealing (notice the tense is current cause he hasn’t told her yet) with a woman who otherwise was in the running for something more.

“She’s mad cool. I thought could see where it goes but now I can’t get past that smell.”

“What if you tell her, she gets checked out and takes care of the smell; would you think about sticking around then?”

“No. I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“It might come back.”

- SG

23 Responses to “The Dirty, Stinking (Possibly Rotten) Truth”

  1. He needs to tell her.

    I’ve been in that position…there was a time when i was about to smash this chick who was givng me dome and she took her clothes off…she shit smelled so bad, i went limp and told her to douche…

  2. Been there, smelt that, and wimped out like Manny.

    You know we all do it with bad breath as well. Most of us won’t see someone again because of bad breath but for whatever reason we just can’t go there and tell them.

    I don’t know if I could have the smelly twat talk with anyone, I’d likely contnue to move on!

  3. SG, SG…….U gotta be a baddd woman, bcuz you’re intelligent, funny and you sho seem to live right! Where are all the women at? Bcuz I’m sure wondering if they identify with your advice; I, on the other hand, feel fully in-sync with Manny. Why he gotta deliver THIS news? The woman doesn’t APPEAR to be his woman, though bcuz they were on the verge of gettin it on, I don’t know if that means they’re “exclusive” or at some other stage of dating–bcuz to ME, that matters. Since he was talkin about just being friends, I’ma go with this isn’t his woman, in which case he doesn’t owe her JACK. I mean a grown “A” woman by her 20′s should be going to an OB doc on the regular; should have friends and family that have been close enuff to her to detect an odor; She should have colleagues at work who spend enuff time with her to get a wiff of jiff, during an 8 plus hour day. AND all of them get off the hook, but Manny come lately gotta be the Dyck to break this bit of news? You women don’t smell your panties and give them the eyeball when you take them joints off, just to make sure there are no unusual odors or wet spots? Sure, Manny could ” man-up” and show her “tough love” by finding some sensitive way to tell her, her kit-cat is odorrific, but what’s HIS benefit? To be seen as an AZZ by this chick, who will likely tell other women he’s an azz–no explanation included? He’s gonna make the kitty WELL for the next man–bcuz HE sho ain’t gettin none after dropping THAT bit of info……And suppose Manny just has a super sensitive nose. Suppose what HE calls an odor, other men and women would say is “normal?” Does SG think Manny’s got a virgin? Or other dudes hit stink pen just bcuz it’s there, but Manny’s got scruples? I see no “win” for you in this Manny. Doing public service announcements when you’re the only one who seems to notice a problem is a BIG risk, and something NOT to be taken lightly, even considering the NORMALLY good advice SG dishes out….

  4. This woman is missing out on what could otherwise be a “happily ever after” because he doesn’t want to open his mouth?

    Men NEVER want to tell us why they don’t want us, beecause they don’t want us mad at them and they don’t want to hurt our feelings. We get that. We understand, but…I, for one, like to know WHY a man doesn’t want to be with me. The truth, the whole truth. We already aren’t going to date, right? You’re totally turned off and have decided I’m not the one, right? Nothing to lose, spill it. I just need to know WHY.

    I hate not having a chance to know or recognize what the problem might be. Maybe it won’t be fixed for HIM, but if he cares about this woman at ALL, even a LITTLE bit, he’ll risk her being angry or being called an ASS to bring attention to a medical problem. Or just a hygiene problem. Maybe she needs to use a different kind of cleanser. Maybe she needs to use a different kind of detergent. Drink more water. Eat more fruit… to run away is such a child like cowardly thing. It’s not so much paving the way for some other man… it’s paving the way for her to take better care of herself. I wouldn’t be concerned about the next man to be with her. Be concerned about HER.

  5. lmao……SEE how Curvy actin; sounding all HOSTILE and this ain’t even about HER! Women always wanna know WHY…Always thinking KNOWING is useful, helpful, beneficial….Ta-hell with that, control what you can control…All the rest: turn it over to God. Isn’t that the song you remember from church or the gospel song you’ve heard playing on the radio? Yeah, right.
    Anyways, back to reality. THIS is part of a popular past-time these days that allows ppl to present a hypothesis on how WONDERFULLY beneficial it is to be the bearer of bad news, to tell the truth as YOU know, feel or see it (ALL YOUR opinions no matter how well or poorly expressed) unrehearsed, unscripted, no legal, moral or ethical responsibility but ery’one (READ: women) think you’re supposed to be Audrey Chapman or Dr Phil. WTF? How about YOU be responsible for you. f I see a snot hangin from your nose, i’ma say hey Boo, U got somethin hangin, but if I no longer wanna be with you bcuz you gained 30 pounds–how is telling you THAT info helpful? You need negative motivation–from ME? You need to prove something using MY last statement or comment? One moment you and Beyonce talkin about bein independant and single….talkin about puttin a ring on it…..NOW you can’t move TFO without me telling you some shyt U really don’t need to know? YOU need ME, dude tryin to hit, to tell you your kit-cat is funky? AND somehow, I’m the reason you don’t know? I’m the reason you may not live a healthy, long life? ME? Dude just tryin to date, find love, hit it? Got all that power–over YOU?
    Is this why back in the day, it was commonly said that ” WOMEN are the weaker sex?” huh……But you wanted to know, right? How’s that feelin about now?

  6. I don’t know what to say about him telling her. In a way I think he should but then again maybe not.I couldn’t imagine having to have a serious talk like that so I see why he doesn’t want to…But…What’s really throwing me off is HOW THE HECK A WOMAN–GROWN $%# WOMAN DON’T KNOW SHE HAS ODOR??????????If it’s so noticable that Manny catches a wiff, then I KNOW she has to know!!Maybe she thinks its normal???Idk.

  7. As a woman i would want to be told of that problem. but then again if he can smell it. why cant she, thats a little suspect. being a grown woman we all know our “normal” smell and when something aint quite right. I would go limp to if i was him cause that is just nasty

  8. I must say that i agree with DC Man with a Plan. people need to be responsible for themselves. i personally make sure that my hygiene is on point. especially if im hanging with a man and if there is a possibility of us having sex. you go to the bathroom before and test the smell. its that simple. but you should already be straight if you knew you were heading to his house. people should know when they stink. and better yet, grown a$$ people need to make sure they are on point.

  9. Manny really does need to man up and say something. Douching is really not good for women, but SG is right – she needs to get that checked. Could be something serious.

  10. smdh @ Suzanne….Ok, Suzanne, lets make this SUPA simple by ADDING the following new rule to the ladies handbook: If a man whom you believe is a sane heterosexual, who is not drunk, high and is not married, performs foreplay and then at a point after, STOPS and no longer wants to have sex; no longer has a woodie and provides NO valid reason for stopping the action…YOU must ASSUME there is a problem with YOUR kit-kat and should IMMEDIATELY make an appointment to get your kit-kat checked out! Now the onus for problem resolution is back where it belongs: On the kit-’kat owner!

  11. just before you get started tell her to get in the shower if that dont work tell her to douch

  12. LMAO @ DC Man with a Plan…so true…i would be so ashamed of myself if ever that happened to me…being that i am a grown ass woman.

  13. I think obligement is a personal choice and you can not always not try and be hurtful alerting someone of hygiene mishaps or problem.Truth of the matter is everyone has something that stinks on their person and detectable ranges are different to all.Try skipping baths and see what your body smell like.Try not brushing and bacteria will feast like vultures leaving a residual stench.Have a bowel movement and it aromatizes the square footage area with everything you have put inside your intestines.Bottom line & Top Line,we are all in the same boat and it can happen to anyone by random chance and is nothing rare because you do not know or have befriended every living being in the world or on the planet but choose to pedastalized your sweet scent to ridicule others.Need to realize you are no different but can be sympathizing and at least offer help.Its understandable we are scent sensitive and oriented,but think about it everytime you wash,brush,put on fresh clothes and do this daily to be accepted or nonaccepted! Only cowards and soulless a**holes take the cruel intentions route out…

  14. He needs to say something because there is something medically wrong with the young lady. He may think it is just a smell but the smell is an indicator of a greater problem. If he considers her a friend at least he could look out for her health.

  15. I say tell her. Coming from a medical perspective, (smells) sounds like she may have BV (bacterial vaginosis. As a grown woman she should have detected a foul odor by now but it’s also possible she’s gotten used to it and has become de-sensitized to it. I wouldn’t suggest telling her to douche because regular commercial douches only aggravate the problem by pushing whatever bacteria or parasites up into her fallopian tubes and it’s honestly not healthy to douche as the vagina does that on its own by releasing discharge. Maybe she has gone to the doctor and found that the prescriptions are no longer working. In that case, he should suggest she try some hydrogen peroxide or organic apple cider vinegar or boric acid capsules. At any rate, whether or not it’s Manny’s girlfriend or just a casual bud, once you decide to become intimate with someone, in my opinion it becomes your responsibility. I’ve been in that situation but in reverse. Men dont’ clean their penises, under their balls or anuses that well either, especially uncircumcised men. When faced with that situation, I just flat out tell them but in a diplomatic way of course.

  16. I’ve been told I’m too honest but I’ve NEVER allowed an odor to come between me and some peen! LOL

    I used to date a guy that wasn’t circumcised and if that foreskin aint cleaned properly, it will smell just like fishy snatch. Well, one day, he didn’t smell so clean. I thought it was me and smelled myself; even had him smell me. Come to find out, it’s his peen stanking cause he had been out all day, come hm, played basketball THEN tried to get some butt from me…no sir, clean that.

    Because I cared about him AND I wanted the peen, I casually told him “You aint smelling all that fresh; might wanna hit up the shower”. He told me if he had weaker skin he’d be semi-salty but I don’t have relations w/stankin azz negros. Sorry.

  17. Wow! I think yes he should tell her or in a roundabout way – when she starts to get touchy feely hit her with “what’s that smell???” and then i’m thinking if he can smell it -she should be able to smell it also – unless she has become immune to it.

    I agree though if he can confirm that she does shower regularly than it is more than likely a medical condition.

    Poor girl — stinky cooch *not a good look*

  18. will it depends on if he want to get serious wit her..if he do he should be honest wit and ask her about that…i rather a guy keep it 100 wit me..even if i take it wrong at least i noe how he feels…

  19. Manny, you just need to tell her. I mean, if you were good looking and dated girls that kept leaving you …… wouldn’t you want to know if your junk stunk for some reason and you didn’t know it? It could be something that is medically wrong with her that she could have fixed. You might even be saving her from something more serious medically.

    Just say it like this to her…..

    “Hey, I need to ask tell you about something because I care. You have a female odor down there that I have noticed. Sometimes that can be a signal of something more serious and I think you should have it checked out.”

    Good luck sweetie.



  20. “I like my pussy like I like my Dove soap…unscented.” Grow up man. Having a foul odor is different than having a natural odor. All vaginas have an odor…this is not wrong, bad, or dirty. If it is a smelly odor, then there is infection or disease. Grow up, be an adult, and in a kind way-say something to her.

  21. So y u care bout it.katt aint urs, reverse

  22. you guys are all guidos and love the smell of bacala and your rocks smell as well

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