Telling a Man You are Taken Means Nothing to Him

What's Your Man Got to do With Me?

Every woman gets badgered at least once a week by a guy, who under different circumstances may be nice, but can’t take a hint.

There once was a time (probably back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) when a man would approach a woman and she could politely decline. No harm, no foul. Both parties would go their ways.

Soon, a polite decline was no longer acceptable. Now, a woman had to give the guy a reason why. Was he not good looking enough, didn’t drive the car she liked, too tall, short, fat, skinny. What was it about him, he had to know right then and there. Her answer better be good.

Women wised up. They began spouting a response that left men stumped.

“I have a man.”

In man law, a man couldn’t disrespect the union of another man whether he knows said man or not. Once she said she was taken, it was as if the man inquiring felt for her boyfriend. You don’t disrespect a happy home. Karma is a bitch.

Yet, something shifted. man law became obsolete. For a woman to say she is with someone meant nothing.

“Excuse me Miss. I came over to tell you, I think you are beautiful.”

“Why, thank you.”

“I was wondering maybe we can keep in touch.”

“Well, I don’t give me number out like that. I have a boyfriend.”

“Oh. Well do you love him? I just want to be friends with you.”

“Yes, I love him. What kind of girlfriend would i be if i made friends with random men?”

“If you let me be your friend, you’d be a happy girlfriend.”


Ladies, if you have ever had one of these conversations you know how exhausting they can be.

Men, since when did it become ok to be a snake?

Let me let the fellas in on a little secret: If a woman is interested she will give you her info, boyfriend or not. If you have to interrogate her for an e-mail address you are doing too much and she’s more sympathetic than smitten.

It’s my belief that the men who don’t care about a woman having a man are the men who don’t want anything more than sex. Chances are they have a woman or women of their own. “Have an affair, act like an adult for once,” is their motto. These are the men who also don’t ask “Do you have a man?” They don’t care and won’t ask because they don’t want to answer it in return.

Saying “I have a man” carries no weight anymore especially if you really do have a man.

I guess a safe bet is to be married or wear a fake wedding band.



6 Responses to “Telling a Man You are Taken Means Nothing to Him”

  1. LMAO you havent lived in Atlanta. That situation is vice versa with the sexes. Shorties will ask(or not ask at all.) . The conversation goes like this:

    Lady: whose your lil friend?
    me: thats my girlfriend
    Lady: oh thats nice – so what do you do?


  2. Yes, being married is what stumps them and they usually walk off politely.

    I avoid it all by blasting music in my ears. Even though I’m separating now and don’t wear the wedding band, that method works. Well, at least until they catch you off guard, LOL

    But no, they don’t care.

  3. Too true. I think it all comes back to their egos. Society glorifies the act of being a player, so for so many men, it doesn’t matter what the situation is.

  4. Why should I care? There are two terms, married or single, if married cool, if dating someone and your not sure where its going I’m going in. What’s sucks is when you out at a bar, lounge or wherever and you simple say hello, the woman responds “I’m dating someone” like I can’t just want a little conversation while I enjoy my drink. But yeah I and most men don’t care, if we did we would ask. Btw, that’s a bad question fellas…

  5. I do have a ‘stage ring’ for when I go out of town. LOL! It works surprisingly.

    And when he gets to that part, simply put “im not interested”. Whether or not I have a man is irrelevant. Because I don’t want to be bothered with you. THAT is the important part.
    So if the questions continue, my attitude and look on my face will scream ” I AM NOT INTERSTED”. I was nice and polite the first and second time. The third time, the ‘Bed-Stuy’ will begin to seep from my pores.

  6. I am married and I wear a ring. I feel harassed by men who just don’t get it. Sure the man says they just want to be friends with me. So friends it is. So why buy me red roses, a teddy bear and jewelries??? I declined them but he said that’s what he buys nice people, keep it.

    I don’t even know this guy’s name. I just randomly see him twice a month. I don’t know what to do.

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