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I love my male friends. What I love even more is the fact they know they can talk to me about anything when it comes to relationships and sex and I not freak out, hit them over the head with my “Women’s Morals and Virtue Bible” or hang up the phone when they call at 3:00 am to tell me they just kicked some chick out. So it came as no surprise to me when I met up with Manny (if you haven’t noticed by know I lump all of my male friends and their experiences under one name) and see him limping.

“What’s wrong with you? Basketball game?”

“Nah, I wish. That’s what I’m telling everyone. Shorty came over last night and I pulled something. It’s hard f*cking when you single. I find that I go extra hard to punish a chick.”


“Well, what the hell were you doing?”

“We started in the living room. Had her pinned up against the window, then on the coffee table.”

“So how did you mess up your leg?”

“I lifted her up on some superman -ish to carry her to the bed when I heard something pop.”

“Let me guess, you still went at it.”

“Hell yeah, I’ve been trying to get at shorty for a while. I couldn’t let her know I was hurting. In fact i went even hard. Had her limping when I was done.”

I will admit there is definitely a difference when you get it on with someone you love vs someone you lust. I do recall not being able to turn my head to the left after one romp with a gentleman caller. Good times.

The tone of intercourse is undoubtedly related to the level of intimacy and emotional connection. A random roll in the hay involves no more emotional attachment than saying hello to your neighbor. You two have a certain civil repertoire but no one is bending over backwards for the other. Cup of sugar, sure. Use my car, I think not. Single’s sex is about getting the most in the least amount of time so the two of you can go about your business.

I’ve had the best of both worlds and can honestly say there is no way to compare.

Sometimes you want to be hurt. Other times you want to be loved.

However when you are in a relationship and your partner tries to get their porn star moves on, you do look at them like “What the hell?” Try switching up your lovemaking with some behind the back, jackhammering and see if the next morning a conversation is initiated.

“Last night, when you did that move, where did you learn that? That surprised me.”

Translation: Who you been f*cking?

It’s not just men who love the athleticism of single’s sex. Some women like to me smacked up and banged out. Just not all the time.

Couple sex is, well, less about the plug and the outlet and more about the mind sex. Couple sex is about the little things you say to one another during the action. The gentle guiding through positions, some laughter and long gazes in each other eyes. Couple sex is laying in the wet spot til morning.

If you single and you find yourself having sex with someone who tries to treat it like couple sex, tell me you aren’t disgusted.

What typically goes through your mind during unattached sex:

- Why are you talking to me?

- What’s with all the moaning?

- Did you just ask me who’s is it?

- I hope you leave right after

- Should I let you shower before I kick you out?

Sidebar: Men, you should know better than to ask “Who’s [cookie] is this? You love this [pipe]?” EVER. You will never get an honest answer and the fact you asking evokes a hint of low self-esteem.

There are benefits to both types of sex and I believe more men would sign up for relationships if they could incorporate some aspects of single’s sex with their woman (i.e. pounding it out till it hurts) but some women see that is disrespect. Don’t they know men love to break stuff?

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  1. When in a relationship you should be completely comfortable while having sex with that person. It depends on the couple because you can have the passionate love making and sometimes you just want rough sex. Some people can switch and not have any feelings about it and others can’t. In regards to the new move during sex, they could have learned that watching porn or researching on the internet.

  2. You finally wrote something that didn’t make me want to click out of here. I agree with you on this topic. There’s DEFINITELY a difference. In a relationship, rough and sweet sex can be interchanged with ease. But let a dude you’re just f*cking try to “make love”–true mood killer!

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