Should You Check Your Boo’s E-mail or Cell?


I was listening to The Wendy Williams radio show when the topic of “Should You Look Through Your Partners Phone/E-mail” came up. The woman sitting in for Wendy said she’d been married for 12 years but still looks through her man’s phone and e-mail accounts. All the men in the studio disagreed. The callers were split down the middle. Of course, those supporting checking your partner’s stuff were women.

I don’t think you should snoop through your boo’s phone/e-mail because once you get a taste you’ll always be looking for a fix. Never a day goes by where you’re not wondering what’s in their text messages or who they’ve been e-mailing back and forth with all night.

IMO, relationships are about trust and without trust you have nothing. But don’t take it from me. Check out what my Tweeps has to say on the matter.  (This is why I love my Twitter Fam…)

  1. Jennifer JacksonJenniebug88 Hell naw. My boyfriend be on that detective shit and one time he found something in my phone that hurt his feelings.

  2. Natasha jonesMNJones only wife, husband should because u 2 r n vowed 2 b as one so if one picks up and looks shouldn’t b a problem

  3. Beautiful Simplicty courtneymariek no…cause if you go looking for something and you find it how will you react? Nobody told you to look for it…

  4. Marquaila Watson mslayla25 trying to hide behind texts and lies. I always catch em in a trap. You can’t fool somebody that knows & plays the game well

  5. Diana Alvarez VIXEN01 hell no in my opinion that’s violating my privacy … if their trust what are you looking for?

  6. Marquaila Watson mslayla25 I think so. When you’re in a relationship you should be able to trust the other half. But sometimes they tend to be sneaky

  7. candireign candireign husband or not both of you should still have your privacy?! Why am I married to you if we don’t trust each other?

  8. my legal belle kokoesquire I don’t see why its necessary, the msgs aren’t for them. If they ask me to review the files, its a red flag of insecurity unless I’m technology deprived and ask them to check for me.

  9. Joyll Cambridge likno1uvevacen no, that shd never b allowed. Either you trust ur partner or you don’t & if you don’t, that’s a whole other issue!

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11 Responses to “Should You Check Your Boo’s E-mail or Cell?”

  1. Lol.I was so suprised to see my post first. However IMO it comes from being insecure, SOMETIMES. I know that when I did it in past relationships that’s all it was about, insecurity. I had trust issues and it didn’t work out because he didn’t think I trusted him which I wanted to but I Couldn’t help but to be suspicious. And I do agree that its like an addiction. As for my post, my boyfriend didn’t find anything to suggest that I am being unfaithful because I’m not. The issue was because I discussed our relationship and a small piece of his personal business with a close male friend of mine. The issue I had with it was because he went looking for SOMETHING, and he could never find anything before. So when he did find that message,he held in his anger for 1 reason only.HE KNEW THAT I WOULD GET IN HIS ASS FOR GOING THROUGH MY PHONE. Which I did but I did apologize however it felt weird doing that because he wouldn’t have gotten his feelings hurt if he would just ask me whatever it is he wanted to know rather than snooping around. So all I have to say is this. If you choose to snoop around, you better be prepared to handle whatever it is you may find!!!

  2. Should you, no. That is just common sence. For what, because when and if you find something you can’t do anything about the information you’ve found because of how you found it. So your looking, you see that she/he has/had a date with someone else, or that he/she has been doing something wrong. And what do you do, nothing. Because the first question from him/her will be ‘how do you know that’. And a lie will only go but so far.

    Now I did look, in the past. But then I truly realized that it wasn’t worth the headache or emotional toll it was going to take on me. But one thing it solidified for me was that he lies, lol! More often than not. And not always to me, but to the next chick about various things that IMO are just stupid things to lie about. He claimed ‘all his women know where they stand’ but yet will lie about his whereabouts. So as I’m reading, I’m realizing he lies about miniscule shit. And most men are inconsistently consistent. And women being the smarter species always knows when a man is lying, lol! Because they are inconsistently consistant. And most don’t think past go. So it will catch up to them.
    But if you look and your reading something that really isn’t the case, then what. You could catch the tail end of something and it really be nothing. Its just not worth it at the end of the day.

    But I had the insecurity, but not anymore. Let him talk/text/email/BBIM whomever. I could careless. As long as your ass is doing right by me it doesn’t matter. Men talk one game and do another. And I believe your actions, not your words.

    Besides like my grandmother used to say ‘it all comes out in the wash’ lol!

  3. No.

    Assuming you dont pay her bill and she doesnt pay yours, there’s no reason to.

    If she/he’s cheating, they’ll play themselves. They always do.

  4. Im sorry i understand everything people are saying as far as no you should not look at the phone but. What if you dont look at the phone and he is cheating on you. how would you know. That is y i say yes cause that is the only way u will find out. It aint like he she is gonna say ” baby i have been talking and texting and sexing someone u gonna leave me” . So how do you find out. How do you know who you are with can be trusted?

  5. Go snooping and u will get exactly what your looking for, your feelings hurt. I went through this with an ex- and this is part of the reason why we are no longer together. He was so insecure. If you don’t have trust in a relationship-then maybe that is not a relationship you should be in. I never snooped through his things because I was confident enough to know that what is done in the dark will eventually come to light. STOP THE SNOOPING AND MIND UR BIZNESS!

  6. Yes I am looking you can call it insecure or what ever I dont care. All men got a dog in them they can be dickin you down great payin the bills and everything but if they think they can get some new new and get away with it it is as good as done so hell yeah I am checking the phone the voice mail the text messages I am playin p.i. so whatever

  7. C’mon people… In this day and age we have to be aware of who and what we are dealing with. It’s noble to try to trust someone, but if you have questions and doubts I’d say check it and check out of that relationship. You’ll LIVE to laugh about it later.

  8. NO! NO! NO!! You always find exactly what you are looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t get mad. If you don’t trust him/her and have the need to look through his/her phone then obviously you have a gut feeling that something is up!! Me a man/woman and ask your partner!! If he/she says nothing is gong on..then drop it. If they are lying, you know what they say.. “what goes on in the dark comes out in the light”!! THIS IS TRUE!!! Leave that cellie alone!!!!

  9. Correction..*BE a man/woman*

  10. i agree that if you are in a committed relationship or marriage that if you have to opportunity to snoop, then snoop. its better to find out if something is going on sooner rather than later after more time and emotions have been put in. there are people who are so good at lying and cheating that you would never even suspect anything. so why not look just to see what they are about when they dont think you are around. and i say this because of personal experiences of snooping through phones and emails and finding things that i was grateful to find. yea i was hurt, but i woulda been hurt even more down the line. so i was glad i found out sooner than later. now, if you decide to cheat, then be smart about it so that i cant snoop lol. yea yea yea, there should be trust. but lets keep it real now. i always say…just because i trust you, doesnt mean you are trustworthy. just because you are doing all the right things and treating me right doesnt mean you are not out there doing those same things for some other woman. and to be real, its hard to find trustworthy people in this world, so i trust no one but myself. its not about being insecure…its about wanting to know if that person can be trusted or not.

  11. i do it…and i have nothing to hide…she can look at my texts…i even tell her who i talk to…she should be able to do the same…what do i have to hide…i keep my sh*t one hunnit

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