She’s Not Your Friend, She’s Your Pimp


Men tend to be very possessive in regards to women. Even if they no longer want her, already had her or never will get her, men can’t accept their homie getting a crack at it.

Some women, are the complete opposite. If a woman wants a man, especially a man she knows she had no chance of getting, she wants her girl to go for it. This way, she can live vicariously through you. If you have sex with him; she had sex with him. If he takes you out on a date it’s as if she went out too.

Why do women push their friends to get with men they know they like?

Two reasons:

1 – They have their hands full and can’t pursue the man for themselves

2 – She has no chance in hell with him

Let’s focus on the latter.

We all have the pimp girlfriend aka The Madam. Madam always tells you how great you look, wants to go out together and encourages you to talk to the guy across the room that SHE thinks is cute.

Her sales pitch is dope.

“This is my friend Erica, Erica this is Kenny. Kenny, isn’t Erica beautiful. She’s in sales. She lives in the city and loves sports.”

As she’s saying all of this in the club/bar/lounge you are blushing, but have grown used to it. The guy is embarrassed. In five minutes of meeting you he’s had Madam pull his dick out, hold it and shake it off for him. Ouch.

Against all odds you and the dude exchange information. Every step of your fling Madam wants full details.

How does he kiss?

What does his body look like?

How big is he?

You give up the details cause that’s what good girlfriends do. You think nothing of it, but in her mind she envisioning herself in your place.

Another bonus for Madam: Hanging around you and the dude she sold you to. Before you know it, she’s sweet talked your guy (who was really her guy) into introducing her to his friends. Now, she sleeping with one of his homies and the four of you are double dating.

But why would she go for the friend when she really likes the guy she presented you on a silver platter to?

Simple. She doesn’t really like the friend so if it crashes and burns its no love lost. If she was to go for guy #1 she would be devastated if he rejected or dumped her down the line.

Now, I hate to have to bring this up because the kind of pimp friend I’m about to bring up is the rarest kind, but she does exist so beware.

There’s the all in good fun and “I have low self esteem” pimp friend then there is the dark horse – the “I’m going to use you because you make me look good” pimp friend.

This is the worst one.

She will use you as bait to get more attention from the opposite sex.

Say she’s having a get together. Forget fliers or evites. She’ll call a bunch of guys she knows find you attractive and tell them you are on the menu. They show up smiling in your face. Meanwhile, you have no idea your ass has been sold on the black market.

Most friendships with The Madam don’t last. You will eventually call her out for being a pusher man or she will grow so insanely jealous of you, she lashes out.

You’ve been warned. Watch your friends and your ass.


9 Responses to “She’s Not Your Friend, She’s Your Pimp”

  1. very true! I only had that kind of friend once, which was recently, and such “friendship” didn’t last for more than two weeks! I have a boyfriend and she wanted to introduce me to her male friends…

  2. I’m happy that my home girls are both beautiful and can get pretty much whomever they want.

  3. I’m so glad you called this one out. Just last week one of my ‘friends’ invited a bunch of us out with the intention of pimping some dude (who turned out to be fugly) she was really into. it was embarrassing …for her.

  4. I think I’m a little bit of a Madam. For example, there’s this guy who I wanted to have sex with but couldn’t because I was already having sex with his friend. So instead of letting the man go to waste, I pushed my friend into his arms, when she told she finally had sex with him, I was happy for her and relished in all the details. Am I bad?

  5. I dont know what barbar shops, etc you hang in, but sounds likes you male friends are some overly sensitive

    The majority of the guys i know (who are succesful and confident) actually get satisfaction in the fact if they cant have her, at least one of the boys did. The guys you described at the top of your article are called “cock blockers”. Sorry. What real man runs with another dude who is a cock blocker?

  6. its true i had exactly a pimp friend she was the bad kind in the end we fell out, she showed her true colors she was jealous of me the whole time

  7. I was almost pimped but why do they do this? I kno if I liked sum one who I cudnt have I wudnt be tryna put nobody else on him guess Ima cockblocker

  8. Wow! I know someone who has been playin this for years with a male friend of hers… She has strung along many females, for the chance to date him.. It’s really sick.. This is the first time I have herd anyone discribe this behavior so insightfully.. Ty

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