No Book will Help You Get a Man


Steve Harvey appeared on Queen Mother‘s show yesterday. Just the ads that promoted the show gave millions of single women goose bumps. By the end of the and into the wee hours of the morning, every other Facebook status and Tweet was speaking about the show.

Let’s be real, most of Oprah’s viewers have no idea who Steve Harvey is. Those of us who do know who he is have heard him speak this honesty before in this comedy shows and on the radio. Ladies, if you claim to know anything about men, have older brothers, a father who is present in your life and common sense you have or should have heard everything Steve said before.

Reality is, you have heard it before. Chances are you just didn’t listen.

I have a dear friend, Play. Play is the realest dude I know. While I was still wet behind the ears I would call him up to ask for his advice on my many men troubles.

“Don’t sleep with him.”

I didn’t listen.

“He will try to ruin your life because he has no respect for you.”

I didn’t listen.

“If he hasn’t called, he doesn’t care. Don’t believe that ‘I have no reception’ crap.”

I didn’t listen.

At the end of each pearl of man wisdom, Play would half-heartedly joke, “I shouldn’t even be telling you this. I can get my man card revoked for this. Is the phone tapped?”

One night I was going on and on about some dude when Play let out a labored sigh. “SG, you know what? I tell you so much shit and you don’t listen. I could write a book and in it hip women to the games men play, tell them how to get a man and what not to do. 99.9% of women will run out, buy it, read it and in the end ignore everything I said. They’ll find a way to make it seem as though it doesn’t relate to them. They are the a-typical case.”

Steve Harvey had the balls to write said book. He will make a lot of money off it. He will make millions of men’s lives a living hell (I know some woman reading this has already hit her man, or the man she thought was her man, with Steve’s 5 Questions 1 – What are your short term goals? 2 – What are you long term goals? 3 – What are your views on your relationship with your mother/father/God? 4 – What do you think about me? 5 – How do you feel about me?). He will help some women change the way they approach dating.

But ultimately, he will make millions of women frustrated because after reading his book they still won’t have a man and they won’t know why.

- SG

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  1. PREACH!

  2. SO True, but…………….life gets soooo boring if you fire these questions at every man you date.
    Most of them will not pass “the test”
    And the ones that do……….I don’t want them ..usually ;-)

  3. So true – besides, didn’t Steve ‘bite’ the book idea from his bodyguard Boom?

    Anyway, I didn’t watch the show because like you said, Steve has been saying these things on his show for years and you’re right, he only went on Oprah to get $$ from the other races – we’ve been getting this information for free.

    Josekroon – Steve didn’t say ask these questions on the 1st date one after another. He said to ask some of these questions “after some time.” And you’re right, most men won’t pass the test. That’s the whole point.

    One thing Steve said about 2 years ago I use all the the time when I first meet a guy. Steve said women have very good investigative skills but we usually use them after we’ve given up ‘the cookie.” Steve says to use your investigative skills at the first meeting and put in into your conversation. Guys are so gullible they don’t even know they’ve given up their work history, birthdate, first and last names, family location because it’s shrouded in a great conversation.

    For example, I ALWAYS ask how old a guy is. I follow that with a big smile because usually they throw it right back at me. I do a stupid girly giggle, evade the question and ask again with boo-boo eyes. 10 minutes later, I ask when their birthday is – and volunteer my own. Now you have their birthdate. Go home and check the criminal records, etc.

    By using this technique, I confirmed what I already thought about one dude. His past 3 years in Tennessee were actually spent locked up – ha! Needless to say I never spoke to him again.

    Bottom line, ask as many questions as you can in the beginning. If they get mad, then all they wanted to do was get some “cookie” anyway.

    Now, if that’s your goal also, then neva mind!

  4. Follow your gut – not no damn book! Women always want a script …what “you should’ve said”, or how “it should be”. Anytime I’ve made a mistake with a woman or otherwise i can trace it back to ignoring a gut feeling. Try it.

  5. Steve Harvey can take his book and shove it. He is from Cleveland and he went to school with a friend of the family and everyone knows he is a deadbeat dad to his illegitimate child. For him to give advice on respecting women and how to be submissive yet don’t allow a man to take care of you is non sense. I completely agree with this blog, no book can give you a man lol. I love it!

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