STSG Pet Peeve: Men Who Can’t Drive


Very few things I’m a stickler about. I’ve learned to give and take when dating someone. You can either learn to accept or ignore or dumb them because of their quirks.

He snores in his sleep, I can get past that. He clips his toes nails on the couch, I’ll just make sure I’m not in the room. He can’t cook, hell if he’s a good provider I’ll happily slave in the kitchen butt naked in heels if that’s what pleases him (of course that’s not an everyday occurrence).

One thing I can’t get past…Men who can’t drive.

I’ve dated men who could whip it so good I’ve wet my draws when they’ve bust a u-turn with one hand. Have you ever sat next to a man who can carry on a convo, looking you in the eye, while he parallel parks? Lord have mercy. I wonder why I’m so attracted to men who can drive and I think of his ability to drive well as being an extension of him protecting me.

When I’m in the car with a man who has mastered the road I feel safe. I can sleep in the passenger side and not worry if he’s going to hit someone or run a red light.

To be clear, I am a driver. A damn good driver so I know what should be done when you are behind the wheel. To me, a man who can’t drive is like a woman who can’t produce breast milk. Another thing I compare a man not being a good driver to is erectile dysfunction. You have the goods but aren’t able to impress me with it.

Now, its a different story if you don’t have a drivers license. That’s wack as well, even worst if you don’t have a license but still get behind the wheel. Do us all a favor and take care of your business.

I’m directing this to all the men who have valid driver’s licenses and think they are Dale Earnhart Jr. ┬áHaving been the victim of a man who can’t drive my heart goes out to all the women who have experienced the same.

My worst experience was enough to make me want to jump out of the car. Whenever I was with dude I often offered to drive suggesting maybe he had one too many drinks (men always swear they aren’t drunk) or that I could get us there faster cause I knew the back roads. Needless to say the man ego wouldn’t allow him to turn over the keys. He also suffered from road rage but 9 times out of 10 he was in the wrong.

Late one night we were on the highway. I decided to dose off only to be awaken by him hitting the brakes.

“Oh shit,” he says.

I sit up expecting to see traffic, maybe there was construction on the road. There was nothing. Lane was clear for miles.

“What happened?” I asked.

“There was a turn.”


“I don’t like turns.”

“Excuse me?” What I wanted to say was, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Plus, I don’t know this highway.”

For the rest of the way home I alerted him of upcoming turns, “There’s a turn coming up…Here’s another one…” Each one he approached with his foot heavily on the brakes. I felt like everyone else on the road was looking at as like we were in a small yellow school bus.

When you think about it, the way men and women approach driving is eerily similar to how they approach dating. Women tend to be more sensible and precautious. Men want speed and to impress.

The worst part of this is that there is no way to make a man a better driver. Try telling a man he can’t drive. Its like telling him he’s bad in bed.

He won’t believe you.


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  1. Omg, i know i can’t stand to be in a car with a man that can’t drive, and it happens to me all the time, i’m married to one, lol, my husband and i have been together for 7 years and married for almost 4 years and i remember to this day the first time i had rode in a car with him, i was so scared and the worst part of it all i was pregnant with our son, me and him met in college so he took me home with him to meet his family and he took me to the mall one day and on our way back, he ran a light and this van almost hit up on my side of the car, i was so scared from that day on, i only let him drive if it was absolutly necessary, but he surprised me over the hoilday we went out of town to visit some of my family, and on the way back i was really tired(pregnant with #2) and i just couldn’t keep my eyes open, so even though i really didnt’ want to, i had my husband drive and he surprised the hell out of me, he did great i was even able to take a nap LoL

  2. i thought i was the only one! there really is just somethin about a man with whip! i feel like i am a great driver and i HATE being on the road with people that cant drive or park properly….why would i want to be with a man like that?? also, a man with whip that drives stick….:dead:

  3. What about people like me who CAN’T drive for one reason or another? I have low vision and can’t pass the vision test to get a license.

  4. Amen to this article, I shook my head so bad tonight by some guys driving, I had to google this topic to vent. I hate seeing people brag about their fancy car that cant drive, & be chauvinist enough to complain about a woman not appreciating a nice ride (“I bet daddy bought them that”); then turns around and can’t parallel park. Or worse, not have a clue about a check oil light on the dash then not know how to open the hood. Ladies, if you know you can drive better than him, F— his ego, take over. I’m tired of sharing the road with morons.

  5. Omg. Same HERE!! Its a deal breaker for me! Theres just something about a man who drives like a fucking girl…Like WTF are you doing?? I usually like to get in the car with guy on our 1st date…and check it out before we even plan a second date. If you can’t drive… TTYN!

  6. My husband is an awesome person but can’t drive to save his life. He breaks when he shouldn’t (Yield signs when no one is coming) and speeds to stops. Basically no intuition whatsoever on the road. It’s absolutely infuriating.

    I have been with guys who could drive in their sleep if they had to. You could just CHILL and enjoy the ride. With my husband, it’s like driving school. Oh, and no sense of direction. Ridiculous. I blame his parents, partly.

    I am one of those women who drives like a man (like a good-driving man) and I hate that I have to feel the need to tell him how to do what should come natural. (Oh and he hates the backseat driving crap, but I don’t care because my life is at risk.)

    He’s gotten better over the years, but I still cringe every time we get in the car. Being pregnant and in the car with him was torturous.

    We now have a 1 year-old son and guess how many times my husband’s taken him somewhere in the car without me since my son’s birth? Once. And I was a nervous wreck.

    I do see this as a deal-breaker in most relationship, but he is worth the frustration because he is an amazing person and an incredible husband and father. Just not a good driver.

    So when we strike it rich, we can just hire a driver.

  7. This applies to my husband, and you can’t tell him otherwise. Smh!

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