Maxwell Makes Me Wanna Sweat


Not for a long time have I been so moved by someone’s music but the new Maxwell album takes me back to my younger hopeless romantic days when I’d lay in the bed in the dark listening to a track on repeat thinking about the man in my life. Then there were the times when I’d play a whole album and it’d be my soundtrack for love making. I still can’t listen to Raheem Devaughn’s Love Experience without my eyes rolling to the back of my head. I broke my bed during this song…

Ohhh Weeee.

I feel that way again thanks to Maxwell. Not only can he get the bizness but he makes me want to give the bizness to someone–a night of passion, heat, sweat…oh lord, I think I just got pregnant.

That’s all I have to say about that!

- SG

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  1. Girl you better talk about it! People are STILL sleeping on The Love Experience album. My album like that used to be Kevon Edmonds and the song off that album that broke a many a bed spring was Sensitive Mood. Child please!

    Good post!

  2. girl they are sleep on Maxwell, cause the whole album is steamy, hott, sweating, tempting, crazy,off the chain, tha bomb…all those terms that mean it was the bomb…

    I was loving the pretty wings…

  3. Guuuuuurl! Speak on it! Maxwell can definitely get the bizzzness! With his tall, handsome, suave, debonaire self…whew…lawd, my heart just skipped a beat! I will show that man my ‘pretty wangs’ any day!

    Thank you, Maxwell, for gracing us with your presence again (pun intended). Real R&B music missed & needed you! Now, don’t you EVER leave us again like that. Please stay around forever!

  4. I bought the Maxwell album, it is so beautiful. Well worth the wait. Have y’all heard about this singer named K’Jon, he has that song “On The Ocean” …he gives that Maxwell vibe…yall should check him out at

  5. “i broke my bed during this song.” loves it.

  6. haha.
    “oh lord, I think I just got pregnant.”

    i said the same thing!! caught myself listening to it in the car and was bout ready to turn around and make a STOP! haha
    i love the respect and appreciation he has for women. definately a great purchase…

    Raheem’s album does the same
    mmm mmm MMm!!

  7. had to fix my website url. got excited. was typing to fast. lol

  8. MAXWELL……MAXWELL!!!!! These young boys cant hold a candle to him!!!! And Raheem…… makes me forget where im at…. Love Behind the Melody’s Midnight and Marathon..!!! NUFF SAID!!!

  9. OMG. Maxwell…can’t even BEGIN to describe what BLACKsummer’s night has done for me. I’ve fallen in love with romance and love in general again. Maxwell’s CD has topped off & described my life since April. I’m having a STOPTHEWORLD moment right now with a man that ROCKS the bed, kitchen…LOL! Pretty Wings does it for me too!

  10. I listen to BSN everyday. I can’t explain my love for this man. His so talented and also very sexy!!

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