Don’t Marry For Love, Marry For Money


If people marry for love and 50% of them end up divorced perhaps we should start marrying for other reasons. I, for one, am leaning very close to marrying for money.

I recall a cool dude who told me that he wouldn’t mind if a woman was interested in him for his money and all that he could provide.

“Doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact if you are around me and you don’t want anything to do with my lifestyle I’m thinking something is wrong with you.”

“Really, so you could marry a gold digger?”

“Sure, as long as she is giving me what I want in return.”

“Like what?”

“Sex and lots of it, keep a clean house, raise kids well.”

“You won’t feel used?”

“Hell no, look I’m a man. I know what my role is and what women want. Most men who work hard do so, so that they can meet women.”

Ladies, men see right through “I don’t want you for your house, car, cash…I love you for who you are.” You might as well spit in their face for you have just insulted their ego. I don’t know why women tell this lie, mostly to themselves, as a way to prove they aren’t shallow.

Well damn it, I’m shallow! Sue me for wanting a man who has good credit, owns or plans or purchasing property, a car, no kids, and money in the bank. Men are motivated by a different beast than women. They want to be fawned over. Men live to catch attention. Women expect attention so they take it for granted.

Think of it this way, most men have low self-esteem. He works hard to dress nice, buy hot stuff, etc. He wants a woman to notice. His thinking “If I can do this for myself, baby imagine what I can do for you.” That’s the bait and we fall for it every time. Now, not all guys can live up to this. Once you’re married and start to inquire you may learn he’s in debt, a con man or living off his momma’s insurance money and rents instead of owns his mini-mansion. Do yourself a favor and check all background and financial history prior to saying “I Do”.

When I marry for money I’ll be up front and let people know it too. I won’t bore you with those super cheese romantic stories. Nah, eff that.

“SG, congrats on the engagement. You two look so happy.”

“Yup, I sure am. Girl, he got me out of debt!”


“Yes. I told him that if we were to get hitched there were some things I needed cleared up first. Within six months my student loans were gone.”

“Wait, do you love him or is this all about money?”

“I’d say 60% money and 40% love. Just the way it should be.”


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  1. hmmm… I think most women marry for money on a certain level though….and guys know this….I guess it’s just when women are vocal about it that it becomes out of the way…but Lawd knows that I’m not against having someone get me out of debt as well as buy me a house….shoot why not?

  2. After reading this article, a question pops in my head: what happens if the money disappears? Would you stay in the relationship or plot your exit plan?

  3. I disagree and will never marry for money…will never be that desperate. I also don’t believe that most men have low self-esteem and that you’d be insulting a man if you told him you loved him for who he is instead of what he’s got. That’s ridiculous and it is very shallow.

    The guy you talked to who has no problem marrying gold diggers is obviously one who does have some serious self-esteem issues and desperation problems. I feel sad for anyone who ever feels that way, for they are very sad people.

    Why would anyone who has any type of self-worth want to be with someone who didn’t love and care for them, just wanted their money and vice versa? Whatever, maybe that will free up all the decent guys for us decent women, and all the people with problems can be together. Fine with me.

    I, for one, have standards:

  4. So what happens when she has the money and he doesn’t? And you know he will never have more money than she? Then what is she marrying for?

  5. I’m sorry if the man I’m with can’t have a decent conversation and don’t show me the love affection,and attention I need money can only but happiness for a few hours or days not years or a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong I want an educated mann who is on his grind but if he can’t b what I need I can’t b what he need. I won’t sell myself short. I need love and financial security. I want someone that wants me for love sex fun conversation companionship. Let me ask this when she goes bad where that man gonna b? He b finding him the next fool! If he love ya he stick with ya no matter what.

  6. Sorry typing 2 fast the question is where is the man when shit goes bad. He is gonna working on the next fool and u gonna b left with no one.

  7. OH MY GAWD! This post is Hilarious! Has me dying in the office! When I had my graduation party my grandpa made a speech (in front of everybody !!!) and told me the same thing! “Don’t marry for love, marry for money!” He was serious too. While I won’t say that I have to marry a guy with a ton of financial assets, I will say it’d be nice to have a man with some bank. I’d still take a guy that’s moderately broke but has goals, and of course he’s still got to love me and be supportive of my goals as well. There’s got to be a happy medium somewhere…

  8. Another reason why I’m not too big on marriage.

    I’ll be damned if i sign rights to half my shit to some girl who’s just fucking me. Not to mention kids would equal potential child support (could happen regardless but still) in the future and alimony in case of a divorce

    In this age of “independent women”, I’m sure a lotta men would agree with my point.

    At least you can admit it.

  9. I also do think most women marry for money but dont wanna admit it for the fear of being labeled shallow or golddiggerish.

    Real cats can respect the truth. I can spot it from a mile away.

  10. If most Americans take care of their teeth and still get cavities, perhaps we should just eat whatever we want and never brush. I, personally, am very close to throwing my floss away…

  11. Interesting.

    First the gentleman “failed” to give you ONE very important piece of information. When he says “sex. and lots of it” he means: until it gets boring (as most sex does eventually), and then he wants you to act like you dont know he is screwing somebody else.

    Thats where love is more relevant. “IF” he loves you, he may be more descreet and show concern for your feelings, when he is doing what he does. But if he knows you are just there for the money, he is going to treat you like you are just there for the money, and as long as he is giving you that lifestyle, he expects you to sit there and shut up.

    The sad truth is, at a certain stage in life, having someone who cares for you will become a lot more important than having someone who just takes care of you.

    Looks fade. So when your 25 year old replacement (who is also marrying for money), moves into your guest house or he buys her a condo downtown, then you have to live with the good and the bad.

  12. I believe the root definition of a man when it comes to marriage is to provide and protect. I don’t think this article is saying marry ONLY for money, but you gotta admit that being financially secure let’s you sleep better at night than being in debt. You know it’s true. However Kanye West said in The Good Life song….”Having money isn’t everything but not having it is”… true. Love doesn’t pay the bills. If you happen to catch you a guy that you’re in love with AND is financially secure then you have truly been blessed!

  13. ummm…. that is a tough one… I married a man out of pure LOVE, through the time he developed a VERY lucrative career, we had gotten married really young I was 19. I loved him more I think when he was just an average guy and all the $$$$ he spent on me was not worth having a broke ass man who just wanted to spend time with me as opposed to just buying me stuff. yeah I have lived that lifestyle, never seeing or thinking about anything I wanted and not getting it, but now I want something different… an average dude with a good heart!

  14. I married for love…..this time. Been married for 16 years. We were broke then and we’re still broke. If I ever do it again, and that’s a mighty big IF….lol…….it will definitely be for money.

  15. Well, first of all, if a woman if focused on her career and doing things she needs to do early in life then she doesn’t need a man for nothing but good sex and conversation. I have only dated 2 woman in my whole life that had less money than me. How many of you know a woman with a man that doesn’t even work and she won’t leave him? He laying that pipe something serious. That and chicks don’t wanna leave a man cause they think they won’t get another one. Even if their man ain’t worth nothin. It’s ironic that chicks get offered dates, sex, etc a few times a week or more yet they act like if they get out of a bad relationship they will be lonely. Men are the opposite. Anyways, the point is that you might be a gold digger but I bet you won’t leave a broke man that F’in the crap out of you. Further more, a woman who only marries for money is probably 99% likely to cheat at some point. Marry for love people. Peace

  16. It is only very recently that people stoppped marrying for money, and started with love. Marriages, for quite a good deal of time, were always based on wealth, power, or both. Love is all well and good, mind you, but it’s certainly not something that is required. Respect, however, is. A person shouldn’t marry for money and then expect to be banging every guy or gal they see. Affection is another important aspect of a money marriage.

  17. I have been married for 15 years and I married him for love. He didn’t make much money at the time. Back then he treated me well. Eventually his career developed and he made decent money, but the more money he made the worse he treated me. It seems he has gotten so much attention from other women that I am no longer “good enough” for him. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t get married at all. I’d rather be alone then to find out this late in the game that he wasn’t who I thought he was.

  18. I bought a small business and thru God’s blessing, became a multi millionaire.

    So, I could write a book on this!!

    1 thing I REALLY noticed the most…the richer I have become, the more attrative the women get who were interested in me.
    And I mean like a LOT!
    The difference is amazing.
    And maybe this is confidence too? Not sure.

    And oddly enough, the feeling used, wanted for my $ etc… is all but gone.

    Maybe because I have confidence in my personality too?…but I no longer am upset by this at all.

  19. It would be nice to have both; love and money, I ve had both and couldn’t make up my mind. One had the money but didn’t attract me physically and the other attracted me but didn’t have the money. There were times I wish I could make one man from both of them but that was impossible. I’m still single because I can’t live without either one. There’s a saying that goes like this; “It’s better to me rich and miserable than poor and miserable”

  20. It would be nice to have both; love and money, I ve had both and couldn’t make up my mind. One had the money but didn’t attract me physically and the other attracted me but didn’t have the money. There were times I wish I could make one man from both of them but that was impossible. I’m still single because I can’t live without either one. There’s a saying that goes like this; “It’s better to be rich and miserable than poor and miserable”

  21. Wow, You Go Girl

  22. Lol, real nice article. typical trailor trash cjick basing all her argument on anecdotal eviden e gathered from her ignorant narrow mind.not really much else to say to someone with essentially no self awareness other than “you are all that is wrong with the world. Do yourself a favour and broaden your friend circle, you may find there is more to life, but I doubt it.”

  23. Money won’t buy you happiness. I’ve dated men with money and yeah it’s fun and flattering at first but you then discover that your just a tropy to them. I made my own way as a RN I won’t ever depend on a man to make my way. I make more money than my boyfriend but I still respect him I never throw it in his face. My man treats me like a princess and I know he loves me. I was miserable when I was with my ex that had all the money. Women make ur own way stop looking for a man to depend on. When the money goes what will have to fall back on?

  24. my mother always told me to marry for money. The more I date the more I am confused . the last time they had money they were abusive, another time they had no money and were cheaters , most recently the last love my life was on drugs couldn’t be honest about it because of his past. I believe at the end of the day if you find someone tolerable and they have security you’ll be okay. this is coming from a young woman who does make her own money but also wants to feel the same about her mate. I don’t know how much more clear can get other than the fact that women have to realize the infatuation stage eventually ends. it always does to some extent sex never the same as it was when you first started 3 years in. it is what it is and I agree with a previous statement that respect is everything. essentially you could have a same sex friend ship in house that would be the same exact thing as a respectful marriage. we american women so shallow and selfish as we gain more power #endrant

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