The Woes of Living Alone

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The sweetest time in adulthood is when you live alone. You’re out of the parents house and can afford not to have roomates. It will be a while before you even let the thought of moving in with a gf/bf or getting hitched enter your mind.

For the time being, you enjoy waking up and not having to tell anyone “good morning” or wait to get into the bathroom. Your dishes can sit in the sink for days. That used empty glass you drank from two days ago, just go ahead and pour your morning cup of orange juice in it. You know you’re the only one who used it and you know where your mouth has been.

You walk around naked, scratch your ass, leave a mound of dirty clothes on the floor.

Life can’t get any better. Until…

…You get sick.

When you live alone and get sick you loonngggg for someone to visit and kick yourself for not giving your best friend/person your dating your spare key. You wish someone could at least come over and check to see if you’ve stopped breathing. The thought of you lying dead in your apartment for weeks before someone decides to call the police and have your door knocked down jossel you from your sleep.

As you lay cocooned on the couch (the bed doesn’t feel good anymore), your over the counter drug daze has you imagining what your life would be like if you were coupled up. Your lover would tell their boss “I need to leave work early today, my sweetheart is sick.” They’d rush home with a bag full of groceries and drugs. All you have to do is sit there. They’d make sure you were fed and comfortable.

In the middle of the night they’d rush to the nearest drug store and feel your forehead while you slept to see if you were too warm.

“Damn it, why the hell am I single?” You ask yourself. You start thinking about the people you are seeing but none of them you want to get up off the couch for and let in your house. You can barely stand them when your healthy so just the sound of their voice might make you die on the spot.

Of course the next thought that creeps in your head is “Is there anyone I didn’t give a fair chance to? Person X was really into me. I bet if I let them stick around they would be feeding me soup right now.”

You curse the day you said “I love living alone”. Then as if Will Smith in Men in Black zapped your short term memory clean, you are healthy forgetting your trip to rock bottom of singlehood.

Just that fast, you are back to dancing around naked, drinking from the carton and forgetting to flush the toilet.


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  1. AMEN!!

  2. Chuurrch!

  3. To me, even worse was being in a hospital ALONE for 3 days (appendectomy) with no one to come see you but your family! For some reason that one got me down more than anything. You’re right though, after I got home and recovered, all was okay again!

  4. I hate living alone sometimes. It sucks

  5. this is soooo true , my girlsand i was talking about this yesterday… i love living alone but i admit it does suck sometime!

  6. I live alone and at times i enjoy it but right now im getting so lonely sleeping alone and no i dont sleep on my bed anymore i on ly sleep on the couch.

  7. living alone sucks, when I got divorced, I felt liberated, relieved, free.but after a while, I didn’t enjoy the freedom so much anymore. After being married for a long time, you miss having that special one to wake up to in the mornings, and sleep beside you at nights. choice between single and being a couple! I vote couple anytime.

  8. I find that people get pushed to live on their own so that others can feel comfort. Your misery is their comfort. It’s bullshit but you have to live by yourself or with a significant other to make it through life I guess. To me, it’s a game that people (parents) like to play. Whatever…I just know that I would want my children to not feel like I was pushing them out the door. Living alone causes misery that people should avoid to keep them living longer. That’s how I see it. Try having a roommate or something.

  9. It has its moments. You like going home to your place where you answer to noone. A drama free, kid free home but there are times where you miss the quiet times with someone or stimulating conversation.
    There are times where I miss someone but I like the quiteness also…

  10. wow this is soo right. i have lived with someone and ive lived alone. living alone is not a cool as you think. i rather have someone with me to tell you the truth.

  11. Living alone sucks… If you are use to having people around all your life, then there’s no one there it can get boring. You make yourself believe that you enjoy it for a while. Until you want to talk to someone and no ones around. God did not intend for people to be alone, that’s why everyone should have a mate. Just remember a person lives longer when, you have a partner. Noah’s Arch
    TWO BY TWO………………

  12. I agree that living single is not a good thing. I’ve been single now almost 4 months and it’s not by choice. However, my other half thinks that it’s cool. Holler single ladies only!

  13. I read some where that lonley (single) people get less sleep then people that are “involved”. Thank god that WAS scientifically proven, b/c for a while i thought i was losing my damn mind *lol*… At least now i know that not being able to get to sleep, or not sleeping for long ( from time to time) is normal….

  14. I have been divorced for a long time and I admit that sometimes I get the need for stimulating conversations, etc., but then reality knocks me right back into the future and I start to think about the snoring, arguments, disagreements, husbands/ boyfriends murdering wives, girlfriends etc., I say Thank God I’m alone!

  15. Woowwww! Going through this right NOW!!!!!!!!!

  16. OMG! I can’t belive you addressed this. This is my main concern as a single woman living alone (my other concern is that a date can choke the hell out of me so I hardly invite ppl over) :-(

    I know the elderly have some bracelet or tracking device that would notify someone if they fall and can’t get up. I’ve been thinking of getting one. I sleep with my fone within arms reach just in case and I have 911 on speed dial (just in case).

    I have to agree with everyone on here, as much as i love living alone at times it is quite lonely.

    Altho as Living Single said, i do not iss te snoring, arguments and disagreements!

  17. True, it has gotten lonely at times. When that happens, I make a few calls and meet a friend or two for drinks or lunch. Chances are at least one of your friends are feeling lonely and need to get out the house.
    I sleep like a baby at night because I have my big comfy bed and silky sheets all to myself. Everything is how I left it, whether it is clean or messy. I’m in a commited relationship and do plan on getting married someday. Until then, I’m enjoying a clean place with no whiny kids, no snoring husband leaving his dirty socks on the floor and no intrusive roomates!

    I have the rest of my life to put with that.
    Until that time comes, I will enjoy this delicious window of time where I can do whatever the hell I want!

    Don’t pity yourselves and feel lonely. Once you have kids and a husband, there will be days you wish you had some quiet alone time.

    Get out the house and make new friends!

  18. I love this message!! I can sooo relate!! I live alone and I LOVE it!! but sometimes I get a little lonely and start sobbing…but then the next day I realize just how lucky I am to be living alone and being independent. I think every woman should live alone at one point in her life…..(especially in her twenties)….I think a woman who lives alone will put up with less B.S. when she finally decides to move in with her significant other.


  20. I can relate to where you are coming from, Except I still stay with my parents and the same holds true for when I’m sick.

  21. WOW………..This hit the spot for me on some things I was just going thru……I turned 39 wed and I have been living alone for quite some time now…..I just thought by now I would be on my way experincing the married life…..IM NOT NEAR IT…….and it’s not that bad after all…….

  22. Fantastic

  23. Living alone was not bad at beginning, but it drove me crazy in five years later because I couldn’t find the right guy to live with me longer than 3 months. So, I moved in with parents which it’s nice as I live my own floor upstairs, except the kitchen.

  24. I HATE living alone, it’s a living hell. I go to Facebook regularly to find friends to interact with, and fortunately have many in different time zones, But lately there’s been little interaction there and I’m going crazy. I live in a beautiful place in an upscale gated community, but feels like a fancy burial place. The only place one is supposed to be alone is in a casket, not in one’s home. Home is where you are intimately with another. My whole family is deceased and I’m really alone. I can’t wait to die, surely something will take me one of these days. I”m not retired yet, not that old, lol, but feel ready for the end of this life.

  25. I Farted just now! Y U NO LIKE MY FARTZ?

  26. Problem?

  27. Wow! golly gee gosh! look at all the losers that live alone! Trollolololololol! problem?

  28. I am so lonely living by myself. I am 31m and I use to like it like everyone else, but now i hate it. I leave to go to work 2 hours early, and I work 12 hour shifts. But at he same time i had a good friend stay with me for a week and I couldn’t wait for her to leave. I like her alot as a friend, but I her habits are something I just couldn’t deal with and wanted to be alone. Someone out there has to help me with some suggestions

  29. I am sick and alone. My bf did not rush home to nurse me and doesnt bother anyway so being part of a couple is not always as good as you think it is.

  30. And i dont have family or friends to help me either. Im hoping to get better soon.

  31. Yes, I hate it now.

    I’m a guy in his late 30′s. All my friends and family members have spouses and children of their own. So as you can imagine, I feel completely left out.

    There’s only so much you can do to occupy yourself, those other hours are just damn lonely. The television becomes a constant companion, for background noise.

    Some people might like it and I didn’t mind when I was younger, but this just doesn’t feel good anymore.

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