I’m Addicted to Wedding Shows



I have an obsession.

It’s not intervention worthy, but an issue of concern nonetheless. Bridezillas. Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Say Yes to the Dress. Platinum Weddings. Rich Bride, Poor Bride. Do you get where I’m going with this?

If a reality show comes across my screen with a bride, a dress, drama and happiness, I’m all over it. I don’t know how my attraction to wedding reality TV shows began but I can’t get enough. 

From birth women are told that the biggest accomplishments of their lives is getting married. I have friends right now who studied their behinds off to get a good score on their LSAT/GMAT so they can go to a great graduate school. They aren’t doing all of this to start a career, but to find a husband. We call this pursuing the “MRS Degree”.

Regardless of whether you are single or dating, every woman envisions what she will look like on her wedding day. We’ve all gone onto a jewelry website and customized what we hope to be our engagement ring:




Then you imagine what your cake will look like:


Of course you can’t stop there. You have to pick a dress:


Some women have already mapped out the details of their weddings except for who the groom will be. Just a minor technicality if you ask them. Personally, I’d like to have my groom involved in our wedding day, which is what trips me out about the women on Bridezilla. Every single last man on that show has come across as a punk ass punk. The fact that anyone want to marry them boggles the mind. If I was a groom-to-be and my future wife was showing her ass for the camera, cussing my family out, spending money for no good reason, I would call the whole thing off. (Side note: Have you noticed that it’s always the brides crying broke that are always at the mall spending money? The fat brides complains about being fat but is always at the drive thru? The bride who calls everyone ghetto, is ghetto?)

Once, I made the mistake of watching a wedding show at a guy’s house. He plopped down on the couch beside me and I could feel his discomfort. All a man has to do is hear the word “marriage” and it’s as if an invisible choke hold is squeezing the air from their body. I assured him that my watching Bridezillas wasn’t my cry to get married. I don’t think he bought it. 

Word to the wise, try not to watch these shows when you in the company of  your boo. What happens is 1 – They think you want to marry them and 2 – You realize there is no chance in hell you are going to marry them.

I have no desire to have a huge wedding or spend thousands on a fancy reception for people I wouldn’t even invite to my house for dinner. Never would I get married on TV, nor would I throw a fit like a two-year-old.

In my opinion, the best marriages are the ones that are the result of a wedding that is based on the showing of a couples love and not the cost of things.

For me, getting caught up in these shows are simply a mindless escape.

Weddings are magical. Getting to watch them on TV for 8 hours straight on a lazy Sunday and not have to get dressed, travel or come out of pocket for a wedding gift–priceless.


5 Responses to “I’m Addicted to Wedding Shows”

  1. I love love love “Say Yes to the Dress!” I was just watching it this weekend at the New Boo’s. When he saw what was on TV he quietly left the room. I really wanted to scream “I aint tryna marry yo’ ass no way ninja!” LOL

    Anyway, while I do love Say Yes, and a few other wedding shows, I think this genre of TV is getting used and abused. The CW cancelled The Game, but has like 3 new reality wedding shows. WTF is that BS? Fail all around.

  2. I loathe these shows.

    Maybe because i loathe the concept of marriage as it’s too much of a business as opposed to a loving union.

    Bring up “prenup” and see how fast all the love disappears

  3. I’m so addicted to all those shows too! I’m also addicted to and have practically planned every aspect of my wedding, all except the groom. LOL. It’s just so much fun! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!

  4. I have never been a big wedding person, but I absolutely LOVE “Bridezillas” and I have “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” set on my DVR. I actually made the boo watch “Bridezillas” with me once and he had a fit…until he saw that I only watch it to laugh at those women’s shenanigans.
    I, too, would prefer a small ceremony that is more about the love, than the money that will be spent, but there is nothing wrong with being entertained by these crazy people who are acting the fool on tv, just so they can get a free 2 night honeymoon in the caribbean lol

  5. I absolutely love Bridezillas. Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Say Yes to the Dress. Platinum Weddings.Poor Bride but man i can not wait to met my handsome soulmate that God has for me cuz i already know i want a Big wedding no doubt about it plus i want a Big reception my dress is going to be fabolous i already know this !!

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