How To Get a Boyfriend

how to get a boyfriend

This makes me laugh.

Let me learn how to do graphics and I’d put my own spin on this.

- SG

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  1. ha ha…thats how I got a husband.

    Well, we were friends first but it was sorta like that.

  2. In the short term those will work, but it’s gonna be HELL getting a dude to think of you in terms of the long haul bcuz he’ll always think: If she put out for ME on the first date…..she’ll do the same for Bobby, Todd and Malek. And if she wore slutty clothes when I met her, even though since that time she’s dressing like a soccer mom, I’m not gonna believe she’s not a SLUT and lastly, laughing at a guys jokes, unless he’s a professional comedian, is another action sure to get you on the SHORT term, casual relationship list. Yeah, I’ll be your boyfriend–for ALL of two weeks, but then it’s back in the POND you go!

  3. I don’t find this funny at all!!!! That is riduculous putting out on the first date you letting him know what kind of chick you r which is a WHORE straight up and that is SAD!!!!!!

  4. This message is for these specific purposes only, Everyone has so much to say about Someone putting out on the first date, but is that really the problem if you have (2) consenthing adults and they feel that the chemistry is so good then why not go all the way, who are we to judge the person if what they do, does not affect us then why should it be any of our concerns if it is not in our bedrooms. Sex for me on the first next is risky only because, it can go so many ways like (1) if it happens and it is good, that is a plus, but the man may look at your different as far as if she gave it up to me so fast what about my mans that said they know her, men think the worst****, (2) you do it and its bad and their is no chemistry a friendship is ruined. (3) you do it and he is not good, or you are no good you both will never look at each other again in the same light and that is when the war begins. I would suggest to take your time and do what you both feel is right. Conscious decisions are not always made with a efficient mind. But in the end we are grown and their is no one whom has to answer for what we do as indiviuals we will all be judge INDIVIDUALLY!!! Key word SEPARATE. Be good safe, and Blessed.

  5. that is the tips to get a boyfriend?hmmm…i do not agree with the third step with rational and logical reason.girls have their own dignity,only a real man (husband) can hav the third step.not a boyfriend because we really did not know our future,maybe our boyfriend right now is not our husband actually =) dignity really matters =) because we hav a ‘high’ price.

  6. hahahahaha @DC man with a plan – thats how i got my boyfriend and we’re still together 3 years later, just moved in together and planning to get married!!!so much for your theory!!

  7. Doesn't take a genius to figure it out

    Thursday, 26th January 2012 at 11:02 PM

    No, what is sad, Lil E, is when a guy ASSUMES you’re a whore because you have sex with him sooner rather than later. Timing should not matter that much. Sex is sex and it is going to happen eventually anyway. A girl’s character does not depend on when she has sex with a guy. It’s possible that she could sleep with you on the first date and then want to be with you forever after that without cheating. If a guy can’t tell that she is a good person despite having sex quickly, then you are a poor judge of character and personality and don’t deserve her anyway.

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