I Love My Ho Ass Friends


I came across this great new online radio show and last week’s topic was “Fun with a Four-Letter Word“. The hosts (shout out to Parlour Magazine‘s Steely D) had a frank discussion about porn with adult star Roxy Reynolds. At some point during the talk someone raised the question: Where do you get sex tips from?

Co-Host Chloe replied: “Everyone has a ho ass friend. Ask your ho ass friend.”

To be clear, she didn’t seem like she was saying ho in a bad way but ho in a sexually liberated “I’m not a prude” way.

If this is the case, I can agree that I have a handful of Ho Ass Friends.

In college, one of my girlfriends stole a porno from her older brother over Thanksgiving break and brought it back to campus. Three of us sat in her room, glued to the TV. I think we even brought snacks and dissected every stroke and blow by blow. We all look back at that as the night we learned how to give great head.

My very first Ho Ass Friend was in elementary school. She was a wild child, parents were hippies. One day she came into school with The Joy of Sex. During lunch a crowd of us girls sat on a park bench as she showed us through pictures were our vaginas were. I learned through Facebook she’s a card carrying lesbian now.

I will admit, I’m sure some of my friends consider me to be their H.A.F.  I say I’ve done everyone at least once. Just last week my college age cousin asked me what would happen if her boyfriend used a banana on her. I strongly recommended he use a cucumber instead. Hey, if you gonna be a freak be an informed freak. Bananas break off.

I love all my H.A.F.s. They love who they are, have great sex and aren’t afraid to school me so that I can have the same fun they do. However, every now and then your H.A.F can shock you. While at a concert I noticed my dearest H.A.F. was lost in space.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her

“I’m horny,” she replies without skipping a beat. “I want a threesome with 2 dudes. I want to get banged out.”

Ho Ass Friends…gotta love them! 


- Says the Single Girl


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  1. Um….yeah your friend from the concert? where is she? And can you introduce? thanks! I love your H.A.F tooooooooooo!! :) :)

  2. Great post!

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