Facebook Makes Stalking Easy


Leave it to the desperate and horny to turn a social networking sites, originally intended for recent college grads and underclassmen into a meat market.

There’s nothing wrong with liking someone and hitting up their profile to see if they are single, employed and the like. Assuming the person is your facebook friend, you should already know this about them.

The real problem with FB cruisin’ (to use a rainbow term) is stalking those you don’t know at all or know but not really.

Manny called me one night perplexed.

“SG, this chick is stalking my FB page?”

“Well just block her.”

“That’s not going to do anything. We have other friends in common and she’ll just look through their pictures to find me, comment and send e-mails.”

“Do you know this chick?”

“Yeah, she was cool. She’s actually  friend of a girl I briefly dated but recently I noticed she was looking deep into my pics. Like she’d comment on picture #118 or any picture that had me and another girl in it.  SG, you know how many clicks that is. Its like she was rummaging through my garbage. I feel violated. ”

I felt Manny’s pain and offered some suggestions.

In turn, he wanted me to address this growing problem of FB stalkers.

Folks if you like someone or are interested in getting to know them just send them a message and build up to asking them out. Don’t you know how foolish you look commenting on picture #225 or seeing them in real life and quoting some wall convo they had with someone else?

Under any circumstances are you allowed to question someoneon about their FB interactions:

“So who’s the chick who wrote she can’t wait to see you on your wall?”

It doesn’t matter how slick you are with your question the impression is the same–you have nothing before to do than watch their every move.

I had an ex hit me up about a pic of me on FB: “SG, I didn’t know you were seeing someone.  Who’s dude with his arm wrapped around you?

“Excuse me? Since when did you start jockin’ my FB page?”

Needless to say I blocked him from my pics.

When used right, social networks are just for that socializing. Stop hiding behind your keyboards and make a move.

We are grown!

- SG

5 Responses to “Facebook Makes Stalking Easy”

  1. Single Girl I’ve been waiting for someone to address this issue. People dont understand FB is real people placed in a fantasy land where grown adults can have food fights and shhh like that. I’ve had the this happen to me and it’s infuriating. First to have an “OLD/EX” female essentially hating on anything they can is sad. To add injury to insult to call you and and mention FB items to me are tacky. Unless it’s someone your catching up with the premise is “all in good fun” especially if it’s public. Ok you got me to venting..

    One more thing for all those people out there that think “well if you have time to post something on FB why dont you have time for me?” Well you’ve answered your own question I MAKE time for FB maybe it’s a reason why I dont MAKE time for you. Get off my nuts and let a man do what he do and with me on MY F’ING TIME!

  2. I definitely feel you on this one. With Twitter, FB updates and feeds, it’s real easy for folks to “follow” you. I have to admit I find myself on an ex’s or prospects page sometimes then have to be like WTF are you doing dude?


    let’s start a support group.. instead of follow fridays on Twitter, No Stalking Saturdays or some ish



  4. I don’t even call it facebook, I call it STALKERBOOK. I have heard wayyyyyyyyyy to many stories about people ‘stalking’ people on that *ish… I won’t join for just that reason.

  5. well sometimes if the person is dating that person, then looking on the page might be a new version of looking in their phone lol…just to see if they have something else going on.

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